Wednesday, January 16

Wet Burritos From Chili

I am actually rather proud of coming up with this. I don't really do the whole cooking thing very well. Wet Burritos is one of the few recipes I am familiar enough with to feel comfortable making. Last night I was was trying to make dinner because Trevor had really not had a great couple of days. Nothing serious, just those little things that can really bring you down. Yesterday had ended with a take out order that he'd already waited 25 minutes for (the wait time they gave him) and when he went in to get it was told that they had forgotten about the order... Then today when he went to do a pharmacy certification there was a sign on the door saying they were closed due to the flu (kinda ironic huh?). So I didn't want him having to cook too.

We needed to go to the store (had already put it off a night) so there wasn't a ton of stuff to choose from. We had some leftover chili and I got to thinking... what are wet burritos anyways but beans, ground beef and  enchilada sauce... which is very close to chili really.

I made the enchilada sauce to go over the burritos out of tomato soup, chili powder, cumin, onion and garlic. The tomato soup made it a little sweeter then normally, still good, just a variation lol.

I didn't remember to take pictures of the flour wet burritos in the making. So these pictures are of the corn version made for the boys (gluten free). I put the chili, some refried beans, and cheese on the tortillas. Normally there would be lettuce or cabbage too, but we didn't have any :(

Roll the burritos up and put them in a row in a pan.

Drown in enchilada sauce (literally, you want the burritos to be totally immersed by the sauce). Then cover with cheese.

Bake at 375 until the cheese is melted to preference.

Serve and eat. We topped ours with lettuce and sour cream Trevor brought home. Yumminess. 

To get our oldest to eat it (he's in that picky stage where every other food he'd rather leave on his plate, then 30 minutes later complain about being hungry) Trevor presented the wet burritos as a dip. Tristian LOVES dips so that went over really well... but made me think, honestly what a good idea! 

Either way, I was happy I came up with an idea that incorporated a recipe I actually knew how to make AND used up some left overs (we had chili this weekend). It was fantastic. A little wetter(aka messier to eat) then usual because normally there's no sauce inside the burritos... but it was still very very delicious =) Even if I do say so myself, lol.

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