Sunday, January 13

Why People Don't Like Me (haha... but seriously)

Assuming the fact that one mile adds one minute to your life, and assuming a round number of 30 days per month. Further considering the previous assumptions not feeling a need to be too specific in exact decimals or anything while performing the math so using rounded numbers. In order to add 5 months to your life you would need to jog every day from the day you turned 20 until the day you turned 60 around 15 miles a day. If you further assume that you have an average runners mile speed of 8 minutes to jog a mile, that means to run those 15 miles a day you would need to run for around 2 hours every day. This would mean you have spent 3 and a third years running during your lifetime. 

Not saying this is a bad thing. There are worse ways to spend your time. I am more saying that this is perhaps an improbable situation for the average runner, perhaps even the average really passionate about running runner.

Personally I'm rather fond of running. In my late teens and early 20s I think I averaged jogging an hour a day five days a week on a treadmill in the gym. From the spring following having Tristian to the fall when I became pregnant with Trace (when my lungs decided to try and commit suicide) I averaged three 30 minute running sessions a day 5 days a week.  I still spend at least a day of each week with my lungs trying to kill me because I'm determined that I will run again. One of these days I'm going to run and my lungs aren't going to revolt, I just know it. After we figured out that corn is my arch enemy last spring a few months later in the summer I managed to run 20 minutes a day for a little over a month with only a few days out for bad lungs. The fall kinda kicked my butt allergy wise and this winter cold/flu/lung infection crud is really... well... cruddy. I'll get back to running again, though. I am certain... Baby steps.

*I know the ecard was just a joke. For me personally when I see anything involving numbers my mind immediately starts working on the figures. So seeing these numbers made me smh at the premiss of the ecard. Now it could have said you get to spend an extra 2 months in a nursing home. 2 months would be running for 40 years, 3 days a week less then 14 miles a day. Still assuming that average speed of 8 minutes a mile, it would mean about 110 minutes a day. Or five days a week a bit over an hour a day. That means around 1 and a third year spent running over your lifetime (and still an additional $16,000.00 spent at that nursing home). I'm just being ridiculously analytical, probably the reason many people don't like me. ;-)

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