Friday, January 18

Yay for Errand Days ;-)

Trevor and Trace a little before bedtime =)
Yesterday was one of Trevor's days off and normally our errand day. We didn't actually have too many yesterday and all were in the afternoon... so that was nice.

Our day went something like....

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast
  • Family time
  • Call Cici's manager
  • Lunch
  • 2:00pm Ent for allergy shots. 
  • 2:40pm ish Tried to get Trevor's fingerprints... still a no go :-/
  • 3:00pm Chiroprator for adjustments. 
  • After Chiropractor picked up a couple things from dollar store
  • 3:50pm Doctor Office for my and Trace's sinus infection. 
  • 4:30pm ish Picked up the pizzas from the Cici's Pizza situation
  • Dinner
  • 7:00-8:00pm Tristian's Jr Intermediate Tae Kwon Do class
  • Family time
  • Late bedtime 

We don't do Homeschool on errand days. It's just too complicated to try. We will make up the school day on Saturday or Sunday.

Trace and I are on Amoxicillin now. These infections just won't kick it. Our doctor seemed very confident that the Amoxicillin would take care of it this time. She said it was better for sinus infections then z-packs. Yay for science! Hopefully no more yellow snot soon, lol =)

Trevor did not have all the necessary registration for the fingerprints... fun times. He just can't seem to get that one thing done, poor baby =/

Yay for slower days off. Yay for family time! Yay for antibiotics and yay for good customer service. And yay for family time again! ;-)

Pretty good day all said and done =)

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