Thursday, February 28

Grateful For #57: Tylenol

You know that feeling when you run really hard way to fast and then are trying to breathe? That painful feeling in your lungs every time you draw in air? Imagine that being something like... I don't know, 10 fold or more. That is how my lungs hurt. My butt even hurts from all the coughing! And my back is killing me. We are going to have to get to the chiropractor next week asap, my arm keeps going numb every time I cough -.- Stupid nerves. Not to mention my poor baby Trace, every time he coughs he caves his shoulders in on himself and plasters himself to the nearest loved one. I know he's absolutely miserable from this stupid chest cold turned infection.

So my Grateful For of the day is Tylenol. Because it's processed through the liver and not the kidneys (so we don't have to worry as much when giving it to Trace) and because it works. It may not technically be as effective as Motrin or Aspirin or Naproxen- but it's safe for asthmatics and those with Kidney problems and it does help.

Thank you God for Tylenol.

At The Doctor

Trace & I are both at the doctor. No fun. Hopefully we'll feel better soon though!


More prednisone for me. Antibiotics for both of us.

Wednesday, February 27

Grateful For #56: Having Wifi Back

And so being able to use my netbook to write these posts again. Doing it all on my phone yesterday and most of today is not nearly as smooth of a set up, lol.

Thank you God for all our amazing, unbelievable inventions- like wifi and netbooks... and blogs =)

Stupid Sick Season

Trace we woke up with around 4am yesterday running 103-104 fever. Which is what I was doing Sunday, so I think he's a couple days behind me. He has some congestion but the cough isn't scary tight or anything. And honestly some congestion is better then none atm. None would have me more worried because it would probably mean his lungs were locking down. We have been doing treatments with him, which are helping. Trace was born with kidney problems, so we aren't suppose to use Ibuprofin much, but we gave him half a dose this morning. General rule of thumb is only use it when Tylenol can't bring fevers down alone. His fever's about 100 with them both, poor baby. Gave him a popsicle to help cool him down more. My poor baby.

Even Trevor has congestion.

Tuesday, February 26

Grateful For #55: Having Power and Internet Back

Well, intermittenly.

Thank you God that we were only without power for hours, and not longer.

Winter Wonderland

And of course we are all sick still, lol. still, beautiful

Melting Popsicle Trick to Get Tristian to Eat =)

We have been having this problem with Tristian for a while now. He complains he's hungry, then takes a few bites and says he's full. Half hour later, repeat. Tried making him eat a plate til it's done, it will take him literally all afternoon to finish half his lunch. Frustrating!

Yesterday I made the boys lunch. Still not breathing well at all so the food was nothing spectacular, but not bad by any means. Almond butter on gluten free bread sandwiches, banana slices, and gluten free pretzels. Two bites into the sandwich and, "I'm full, Mom. I'm done." No... no you're not.

Monday, February 25

Greatful For #54: CHOICES!

Truly! Do you ever stop to think about how many choices you have each and every day? TONS! Every day we make thousands (maybe more) of little and big choices. We don't even see most of them as choices because they are habit, but they still are a choice.

Where to go, who to see, what to do, brush your teeth or not, eat breakfast or not, smile or not, try to be early/on time/late, what shirt to wear, what pants to wear, using positive words, thinking positively, what to do when you get mad, what to do when you get frustrated, what to do when things don't work out, even to get up or go back to sleep is a choice. Now responsibilities may not make a lot of these things (like getting out of bed when you have work) seem like a real choice, but it is. You choose to fulfill your responsibilities or not. Every day you make the choice to do so is another choice you can be proud you made, every single time. On the flip if you don't make a good choice... well you have to reap what you sow.

Thank you God for giving us a choice!

February Magazine Round Up

We only got one magazine for February-

Family Circle
Stand Cost: $2.79    Our Cost: 33¢
Cost Saved: $2.46   Coupon Value: $2.75
Coupons: $2 Lysine and 75¢ Johnsonville Sausage
Yea or Nay? Nay

We will not use the Lysine coupon. Peppermint chapstick is better then Lysine in my experience, since it prevents as well as heals cold sores and does so much faster than Lysine. Not to mention is times cheaper. So better all around.

Try it if you suffer from cold sores... if you use peppermint chapstick (has to have real peppermint in it) every day I bet you don't get them anymore. Fantastic stuff.

Grateful For #53: My Parents Help

I'm sorry, today's Grateful For post is very late- I completely forgot. Today was a very, very bad day breathing wise. This cold has locked my lungs down much worse then they have been for several months. Of course the good side of that is that this is worse then I've dealt with for months rather then what happens every time I get a little sick or allergies flare up, like it had been for the three years before that. That is a very big positive! But today was not a very big positive. It was afternoon (and after more prednisone and several treatments) before I could get up and walk around.

That brings me to my Grateful For of the day. My parents watched the boys during the morning until I could. I am very, very grateful for that. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Another bad is that this is the second cold Trace has had in 2 months where he has displayed asthmatic symptoms.

Saturday, February 23

Breastmilk vs Icecream

Breastmilk wins. lol, I was nursing Trace and Dad brought down some icecream and offered Trace a bite. Trace went and took a bite, then came back over to nurse. Dad offered him another bite, Trace unlatched, looked at Dad and said, "Uh-uh, Mama." Then relatched and continued nursing.

Breastmilk vs Icecream... breastmilk wins.

Grateful For #52: Family Time

This afternoon/evening we have been enjoying some family time. Nothing major, we all have colds and so didn't play outside as much as I had hoped we would. We ended up spending a large part of the time watching shows and just enjoying being together... even if we all do feel kinda cruddy. Trace drifted off to his nap while cuddled up to me and daddy took a picture (to the left).

Everyone has been rather whiny the last week or so with this latest chest cold making the rounds so it was nice to have some kick back time Thursday (enforced by the snowstorm) and today. Often when you think of family time you think of doing something, planning something, playing something... but sometimes nice family time can just be everyone chilling out on a couch while sick and just being together.

Thank you God for Family Time.

I Wish I Could Sleep Like that (sitting up)

Okay, I know the angle makes this look like he's actually laying down, but that was just the way I took the shot. He is actually sitting up on a couch, a couch that has all the back pillows stripped off too, not terribly comfortable. I am so jealous of this little boy's ability to just go- 'I'm tired... time to sleep!' Then just fall asleep where ever he happens to find himself.

Friday, February 22

Grateful For #51: Optimism

Trevor and I have often agreed that one of the reasons we work so well is we are so similar for such different reasons. We've decided it boils down to our nature vs nurture being flipped. Trevor is by nature a pessimist, but he had such an amazing and positive childhood that he will for ever take for granted that everything will work out. I am by nature an optimist, but on the flip of Trevor- I take for granted that something will always mess up. The end result is two people, who for very different reasons... tend to be right on the same page with each other about just about everything. I look at things and see what could be. I can't help it any more then I can help having already looked at whatever it is. Everything I see is a shadow of what it could be... which is generally just amazing. Trevor looks at things are sees all the reasons it's not what it could be, but he knows what it could be and that he can get it there... we both have the same end ideas... just for very different reasons.

Greener and Simple Living Gifts

Trevor and I have been trying to make an active effort to get away from the 'lots of stuff' culture that's so prevalent in the US. That's actually part of why it's taking us so long to clear out the house is we aren't just moving things from one place to another- we're going through everything and if we have any doubt that we need or will use it we're getting rid of it. "If in doubt, it's out!" has become our new motto =) In an effort to have a more simple living, green life style.

Thursday, February 21

Grateful For #50: A Safe Warm Place on a Cold Snowy Night

Thank you God for our safe warm place tonight and please help anyone who is seeking shelter to find it.

More Snow

Let It Snow..... (be careful what you wish for)

A couple weeks ago I was talking to my husband about how unfortunate it was we got the boys nice snow boots for Christmas and it hasn't really snowed this year since before Christmas....

Art Time =)

We did one mirrored art project together. See what we made?

Wednesday, February 20

Grateful For #49: that My Son Has A Brother

Seriously. I am very grateful that each of my babies has his brother and that we are doing our best to foster a loving relationship between them. 

Thank you God for giving each of my son's his brother.

Starfall Learning Is AMAZING!

* Starfall is unaware of this review. is one of the best FREE online teaching sources I've every found. Tristian has used and loved it since we realized he was teaching himself to read and Trace, while not quite as good at the games as Tris was, still very much enjoys it. Classic provides LOTS of interactive literacy related games and is 100% free. We had used the classic site one for the last three years, and only recently signed up for has even more phonics and includes colors, math and... well MORE.

Tuesday, February 19

Grateful For #48: A Husband That Works At A Grocery Store

Because I didn't have to worry about making it to the grocery store before this winter warning storm that's suppose to hit tomorrow gets here.

Thank you God for both Trevor's job & the convienence it offers.

Breakfast With My Boys

Could there possibly be a better start to the morning? Maybe, but only if the big version of these two awesome guys happened to be here too =)

Monday, February 18

Grateful For #47: Salad and Feta Cheese

And vinaigrette salad dressing.


Thank you God for yummy salad =)

No Matter How Slow You Are

No Matter How Slow You Are, You Are Still Lapping Everyone On The Couch.

A friend shared this on facebook a bit ago and I LOVE it! Such an awesome sentiment. Just thought I'd share it today ;-) I could not find who the original quote comes from. If you happen to know please share!

Sunday, February 17

Grateful For #46: Sweet Moments

I am grateful for those sweet moments you stumble upon occasionally. Like your son and his grandfather reading side by side.

Thank you God for those sweet moments.

In Other News....

Oranges Are Yummy!

Saturday, February 16

Grateful For #45: Flowers and Chocolate

I didn't post a picture on Valentine's Day, but this is what my honey brought home for me. What a sweet, sweet man =)

Thank you God for flowers, chocolate and my sweet husband.

Friday, February 15

Grateful For #44: Wanting to be Happy

That may seem like an odd thing to say, much less be happy for... but I've come to realize it's true.

Trevor and I are gloriously happy with our lives. We love each other, our boys, are so very grateful for all that we have.

I see and talk to people on a daily basis that are unhappy... wanting more, different, complaining, upset, fight constantly with their spouse, etc..

Making Check Out Flowers an Arrangement Tips

My mom has this habit of picking up a random bouquet of flowers from the grocery store check out lane and then asking me to turn it into an arrangement. It's been more then 6 years since I worked in floral with any sort of regularity... but she has faith I can do it (which is more then I have sometimes when I see the group of flowers she has).

Here's the thing, if you get one of those prewrapped bouquets from the grocery store... well you don't really have everything you need to make an arrangement. Unless you get fairly creative with it. For one you have little or no filler. Filler is important in arrangements. It's how you make the arrangement look... well- filled out. Two you don't have a vase (hopefully you have some vases at home), nor a bow (or hundreds of different kinds of ribbon to make one from) or anything else that is at a florists fingertips.

Thursday, February 14

Grateful For #43: Holidays and National Days

I know that many think our world today is over commercialized and there's a Day for everything. But I LOVE them all. I really do. I love have special days that make us stop and give that extra reminder about something special. Or something you should be aware of, or whatever the Day is about.

Thank you God for so many wonderful things, and the chance day's like Valentines Day provides for slowing down and noticing them =)

Is this a Seizure? Is this connected to Autism?

I don't know what this is, has anyone else had experiences with episodes like this?

Tristian will be nodding off, we'll be trying to wake him up for something, or he'll be dead asleep, rarely he'll be walking in a somehow purposeful but confused manner- reminds me of like he knows where he's going but not sure why. Today he was taking a nap because he's sick. He'll begin to whimper and moan- he says Mom a lot mixed into the whimpering and moans. It's like he's crying, but it's not how he cries. He can sit up but will not make eye contact. He can open his eyes fully, but the norm is to have them about half open. He can respond to being told to do something, but not in a fully functioning way like if he was normally awake. He has extreme sensory issues. Doens't want to touch or hold anything, touching him will make him extremely agitated and do the crying sound more (but is also part of how to get him out of the episode). He will not eat or drink, will get more agitated the more you try to make him (which makes this particularly bad as it happens more when he's sick when he NEEDS to be drinking). You can try to give him drink and he will forcefully close up him mouth. If you force fluid into his mouth he will spit it back out while moaning. However drinking is also part of how I've learned to pull him out of the episode. You can get him to stand up and walk, but he acts confused and disoriented and will start and stop and cry harder or less throughout any movement. As he gets farther into pulling out of the episode it becomes harder to tell if he's still in it (although that's a little complicated, I'll explain why in a minute). He'll talk to you, start to drink a little (something sweet like juice from a straw). The only way I've found to get him out of the episodes with any sort of speed (still talking half and hour to forty five minutes or longer) is this routine.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! Give everyone an extra kiss from me ;-)

I was talking to my mom and for her vday is bitter sweet. Her mother's birthday would be tomorrow, and her grandmother's would have been two days ago. My grandmother lost her fight with cancer 8 years ago. I love you Grandma Jean, happy early birthday.

Wednesday, February 13

Grateful For #42: Childish Enthusiasm

There are few things more fun then watching a child who is REALLY excited about something!

Thank you God for our children's often catching enthusiasm.

Valentine Heart Hershey Kiss Mice =)

These were one of the crafts in the free vday crafts for kids book I was talking about this morning (click here to see the post). I thought they were adorable =)

In the book they used circles to make the ears... but I thought, "It's Valentines Day, why not use hearts?" So that's what we did. Some of the hearts we had in foam shapes premade. Some of them (the glittery ones) were made from putting together form foam circles and squares. I absolutely think these are completely adorable!

Used a glue stick to glue the kisses down (apply the gluestick to the kiss itself, rather then the foam, works better). Used a silver permanent marker to make the inside of the ears on the plain foam hearts. A black permanent marker to make the eyes on the foil wrap of the kisses. Tris loved getting to put the eyes on them. And they were made out of foam stickers so we are going to stick them to our Vday cards. Too cute!

I LOVE FaveCrafts

*FaveCrafts is unaware of this post, it is not a promotional review and I received nothing to do it. I just like FaveCrafts so wanted to share.

With Vday almost here I was recently reading a valentine crafts for kids book from FaveCrafts-

Tuesday, February 12

Grateful For #41: A Husband that Cooks! (well)

Cooking's one of my least favorite activities :-p
Luckily it's one of Trevor's most favorite =) 
Matched pair ;-)

Nice look hmm? He thought I was being a little odd taking pictures of him cooking 0.o

Monday, February 11

Grateful For #40: Sleep

Sweetly Sleeping Trace
I sat down to write tonight and asked myself what am I grateful for. Sleep was the first thing that popped into my head. For some reason (haha) I am just exhausted tonight and for once feel like as soon as I lay down I could actually sleep. Plus with this morning's post being about Trace being able to sleep where ever it works well that the grateful post would also be sleep.. So yes, I am grateful for sleep and being able to sleep and that's what I am going to do now, at least until one of the boys wakes up for whatever reason (my money is on Trace).

Thank you God for sleep- and sweet dreams everyone else.

I Wish I Could Sleep Like That! (in the car)

Seriously... Our kids sleep in all sorts of positions that it's just like... wow! So I've started to post some of them.

Nap time hits while we're on the road- or we're in the car before he wants to be awake for the day? That's not about to stop Trace from getting his beauty rest. Not to mention dreaming is completely preferable to looking out the window at some random buildings or whatever is out there.

Parents would never be exhausted from baby keeping them up all night if we could still sleep in whatever random position we found our selves in. Then again... driving would probably be much less safe too. Pros and cons I guess.

Oh well, either way it's awfully cute.

Sunday, February 10

Grateful For #39 Calculators

I could not imagine trying to do things like budgeting or taxes without a calculator. 

Thank you God for a that tiny machine that changed our number figuring in a big way.

Saving Money Online: Useful Sites

Before we go any farther- if you want just one site to use. If you end up overwhelmed or know now you don't want to have to keep track of multiple sites to save money and are just looking for one site to give you a nice little kickback then your answer is Swagbucks.
I use all the sites below. I'm use to it but I accumulated them over a several year period. Swagbucks is the most user friendly (in my opinion) of the sites that provide kickbacks and usage rewards while still accumulating rewards very quickly. It only lacks being a trade site (so you'll still have to look below if you are after that, hehe).

Saturday, February 9

Grateful For #38: Teachable Moments

Teachable moments make teaching so much easier. It is so much more productive to grab a teachable moment to further instructing a child about something then to try and create your own moment. Teachable moments to me are very much a child led (aka unschool) way of doing things. With young children it is much more effective then just deciding to sit down and teach reading, or math, or whatever. Watch what they are doing and when you find them already interested in a subject you wanted to teach them more about grab that moment and expand on it. 

Thank you God for a naturally curious children and providing lots of teachable moments!

"Mom, when does Jesus make people alive again?"

That was not a question I was expecting sprung on me during play time yesterday!

It was a read of choice day for Tris and he picked a Bible story book. I was in the middle of putting Trace down for nap and noticed it was a Bible story book, but not which one. He chose to read the God Loves Me Bible. Part of what he read was  page 132 which is a children's version of Luke 8. It is titled A Little Girl and goes-

Friday, February 8

Grateful For #37: Love

Cliche Cliche Cliche. Especially after the post this morning. But it is almost valentines day.

I am grateful for love. To have love, to be loved, that love exists. A world without love... and all that Jazz.

Thank you God for loving us so that we can love others!

Love Is As Love Does

Love is blind.... I tend to agree, but not exactly in the way the statement is normally meant. Well,perhaps somewhat in the way the statement is meant. It normally means that those in love don't see the flaws in each other. I don't mean it quite that way, Trevor and I try to be pretty open an honest. We are well aware of each other's flaws, they just don't bother us. And by happy not so coencidence (I rather suspect God had a hand in it) where I'm flawed Trevor compensates with a strength, and vice versa. I mean love is blind to appearances... physical ones.

Thursday, February 7

Grateful For #36: Perspective

Perspective for me is sorta the other side of the coin from looking at the positives. It's remembering that it could be worse.

On the days when my breathing was so bad I couldn't hardly move around the house (literally, not figuratively) "It could be worse" became my moto. I would remind myself that I could not be able to walk around because I didn't have legs. At least once we figured the breathing out I would be able to walk again without issues. I would remind myself I could have stage four lung cancer causing the breathing problems. I would remind myself I could have depression and no desire to move. Putting things in perspective can really change the 'poor me' feeling around.


Right now Trace is going through a MINE stage. Always fun.

He only recently started using words (a couple months ago) before that he had about five words in his vocabulary (Mama, Dada, No, did not say yes but could nod head, Titi (Tristian) and please. Suddenly in the past two months he's gone from a couple words to stringing two or three together and using words we didn't know he knew. Like MINE. Right now everything is MINE. NO MINE! NO TITI MINE! NONO DADA MINE! NOOOOO MAAAMMAAA MMIIINNNEEE!

Oh the joys of parenting =)

How have you dealt with mine stages? Any advice?

Wednesday, February 6

Grateful For #35: The Public Library

In this digital age with so much information at our fingertips I think it's easy to forget what an amazing resource the library is, for all ages. Many places don't have easy access to books the way most United States citizens do. We can so easily take for granted access to a public library that we forget about it almost entirely. The library here in town is awesome, and one of our favorite places =)

Thank you God for public libraries.

Ivory Soap Fluff Trick

Yesterday we finally did the Ivory soap fluff trick. Tristian had a blast!

We used half a bar of Ivory and kept the other half bar to compare. I think it would have filled the microwave if we had used an entire bar!
We talked about what we thought was going to happen before we put it in the microwave, then what we thought had happened. The first thing Tris said after we took it out was, "POPCORN!" lol, yeah- that is the first comparision that comes to mind ;-)

If you haven't heard of this (it's all over pinterest lol), you just put some soap in a microwave safe dish in the microwave for about a minute. Nothing bad happens, it fluffs up until it doesn't anymore, you stop it, let it cool then take it out. It's pretty neat. It becomes hard and brittle but it still just soap.

Tuesday, February 5

Grateful For #34: Another Year

Another birthday has come and gone. I'm a year older, with another year's experiences, joys, frustrations and memories. 

This year promises a lot of changes. We are moving out of the house where both my children learned to walk. We don't really know where we will be a year from now. I don't like that feeling very much. I do know that where ever we are, we will be a family full of love.

Thank you God, for giving me this past year with my three boys.

Happy 9th Bday Bubbles

Do you see how he's got his paw tucked around the dinosaurs neck and he's tucked his legs under it? Who says 9 year old kitties can't be adorable?

Happy Birthday Bubbles

Monday, February 4

Grateful For #33: Kisses Hello

Hello kisses are probably my favorite. There's something so very perfect feeling about that first kiss when Trevor get's home from work, or we meet somewhere, or whatever the hello occasion is. Some echo of that promise of forever. This second is the first second of the rest of your life. The hello kiss seems to embody that somehow.

Thank you God for hello kisses.

FREE Lego Magazine!

My understanding is this magazine comes to your house 5 times a year and is geared towards specific ages (so may be different depending on your child's age). It's totally free.

Corn Allergy: no on Gatorade, yes on Powerade

Just wanted to post in case someone else with a corn allergy was looking for a Gatorade sub, please note- Powerade Zero is the one that seems to be corn free (so if you are having breathing problems after drinking normal powerade or any gatorade might look into if you have a corn allergy).

When we first realized something is wacky with my electrolytes Gatorade made breathing noticably easier within literally seconds of drinking it (it was actually how we found out my electrolytes were off, was that Gatorade did make breathing so much easier. As in I'd drink a bottle and suddenly be coughing up mucous and my peak flow would be up). At that time it actually helped more then my inhalors did. I think knowing about the problem and having a better eye on how I'm feeling and how things taste (my salt tasting abilities change if my electrolytes are offf. Sometimes all I can taste is WAAAY too much salt. Other people will say it's crazy cause they can barely taste the salt in something but for me it's just overpowering and awful. Other times salt tastes like ambrosia.) has made it help less now each time I drink it, but more overall (I nolonger cough so much crud up after drinking that my lungs hurt, but I can breathe better in general all the time).

IXL Math is Awesome! (and 35% off sale!)

*UPDATE- If you're just looking for the sale link CLICK HERE for the IXL discount page, seems to be a fairly permanent sale; however, the discount recently changed to 25%

Tristian Adding Using Pictures of Groups on IXL
**Second- this is not a paid for review or promotion. I'm sharing because I found this site helpful, I bought the account with my own money, IXL isn't even aware of this review.

January has been a drag for us. We've had a serious case of the Post Holiday Humdrums =p Tristian has really not been feeling the whole school thing... but especially not math. What does he want to do? Play on the computer of course. So I set out to look for something that is to math as Starfall is to phonic but math (if you have never heard of Starfall you should check it out, It's a great phonics teaching tool and a lot of the phonics part of the site is free. It does have some math k-2, but I was looking for something more comprehensive).

What I found was IXL.

Sunday, February 3

Grateful For #32: Late Nights With My Baby

Well not exactly. I could probably do without the late night part. But sometimes the sweetest moments seem to come at 1am after hours of trying to get one of the boys to sleep. I've had problems sleeping my whole life. Both boys seem to have inherited the same sleep issues. Tristian we can normally get into bed by 9pm at the latest, if we stick to a routine and he usually is asleep shortly after if we can keep him calm enough to get there.

Trace though is still a very different story.

When Did You Stop Checking Their Breathing?

I was watching Rosanne reruns and there's a part where she says to the over-protective mom next door something along the lines of, "I bet you still check his breathing at night." The mom agreed and Rosanne shoots back, "Amateur!"

The first time Tris stopped breathing he was 6 months old and I had gotten up in the middle of the night to check on him. It was the last time he ever slept in his crib at night, after that we coslept. You might say we stumbled onto attachment parenting through a rather drastic live and learn scenario. Tristian lived, and we learned what we were too terrified not to do- like cosleeping. Nothing will shake my conviction that Trace is so much healthier then Tris because I did attachment from the start with Trace.

Saturday, February 2

Double Coupons at Shnucks

We spent $25.64 before tax for the items pictured. That's almost 50% off the sale and clearance prices at Shnucks yesterday if we'd bought these without coupons ($49.15) and even cheaper off a normal retail price of around $65.

For normal retail figuring I did not use Shnucks normal prices to figure retail, because they tend to be considerably higher then the other stores around here (maybe from most Shnucks being in Stl?) I used the prices I knew already from shopping at HyVee and Gerbes and for the cleaners I looked them up on and then took off a few $ because that seemed high.

Grateful For #31: Preplanned Curriculum

A snapshot of the way the learn at home series maps out
the curriculum weekly all preplanned.
I know that I'm still new at this (and I know this is an odd thing to be grateful for on a saturday lol), so maybe it gets easier with time, but I just cannot imagine how the homeschool parents do it that map out their own curriculum from scratch. I have talked to some other homeschoolers that have done completely free curriculums by using free sources and creating their own, from the bottom up. I am completely in awe of them. I think I would be amazingly stressed out if I tried that.

I was so greatful to find the Learn at Home series that had the weeks mapped out. It's not perfect,  I tweak it a lot. It is so nice, though, to have this base plan already made out. I can add to or take away as I like, to meet Tristian's needs, but I don't have to figure out where about we should be, or what about we should be focuses on at that time, all on my own.

Thank you God for providing such a wide variety of resources to find and use.

I hate that it's funny to be mean, impolite or unappreciative

Really, really bugs me to see all these commercials where it's a joke when you are mean, impolite or unappreciative. The Citi Credit Card commercial where the woman sarcastically says 'okay' when the sales associate tells her to have a 'super sparkly day'. The State Farm commercial where the son that tells his mother she isn't helping when she's waiting on the phone for him about his car accident.

Friday, February 1

Grateful For #30: Being Grateful

Hehe =)

It's been about a month (30 days) since I started doing the Grateful For series (inspired by  Kelsey of the Words of Williams blog). It seriously does make a difference. I use to have something called a positive journal. Where you only wrote down good things from the day. It really changed how you remember your days when you focus on just the good parts before going to bed. This had been similar. Not quite that in depth, but coming up with something positive each day, whether it's a little silly or very seriously so, puts a nice spin on the end of the day.

I've especially liked the days when Trevor chooses to do a Grateful For post instead of me. I love getting to read his =)

Thank you God for giving us so many things to be positive about.

I Wish I Could Sleep Like That! (on the steps)

Seriously though, after a hard day of being a toddler... what better place is there really to curl up and fall asleep then a step?

The zig zagging line of marker on his forehead is a particularly nice touch ;-)

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