Monday, February 4

Corn Allergy: no on Gatorade, yes on Powerade

Just wanted to post in case someone else with a corn allergy was looking for a Gatorade sub, please note- Powerade Zero is the one that seems to be corn free (so if you are having breathing problems after drinking normal powerade or any gatorade might look into if you have a corn allergy).

When we first realized something is wacky with my electrolytes Gatorade made breathing noticably easier within literally seconds of drinking it (it was actually how we found out my electrolytes were off, was that Gatorade did make breathing so much easier. As in I'd drink a bottle and suddenly be coughing up mucous and my peak flow would be up). At that time it actually helped more then my inhalors did. I think knowing about the problem and having a better eye on how I'm feeling and how things taste (my salt tasting abilities change if my electrolytes are offf. Sometimes all I can taste is WAAAY too much salt. Other people will say it's crazy cause they can barely taste the salt in something but for me it's just overpowering and awful. Other times salt tastes like ambrosia.) has made it help less now each time I drink it, but more overall (I nolonger cough so much crud up after drinking that my lungs hurt, but I can breathe better in general all the time).

I don't know if Gatorade always had corn in it and it just didn't become noticable until we got most the corn out of my diet (so between the corn being a constant because it's in everything, and my electrolytes being messed up much worse constantly as well the electrolytes helped more then the corn hurt my breathing) or if they changed something in the last few months but a few months ago Gatorade started making it harder to breathe when I drank it, even when I knew I needed electrolytes. We noticed they have 'food starch' in it, which I am assuming must contain corn starch. I did get one batch about a month ago that didn't cause breathing problems, but I think I may just have gotten lucky and it didn't have corn starch in that particular batch (maybe why they just say food starch, if it changes randomly what starch they are using).

Anyways, I don't know why it didn't occur to us to try Powerade sooner. It just didn't. They were in the HyVee add the other day when I was looking at it and it made me smack myself on the forhead feeling like a dumb-butt for not even thinking about looking at it sooner. We checked the ingredients and nothing looks like it's corn. So we bought a case. So far so good. It is helping as much as the Gatorade use to, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night (that was what was sucking the most about Gatorade causing problems, it use to be great when I would wake up struggling to be able to drink some and be able to breath easier and again and go back to sleep). I have to get the Powerade Zero, the others have corn syrup. But it is still helping so doesn't really matter to me what it's called =)

I'm posting about it today because last night I woke up and couldn't breathe, and Gatorade sounded like the best drink in the world (lol, if you drink electrolyte drinks you've surely noticed how they only really taste good if you need them. Otherwise they just taste sickly salty and sweet.) So I grabbed a Powerade, coughed up a bunch of crud and went back to sleep. Yay =)

So in my mind it's official- for now Gatorade is out and Powerade is safe =)

Huh, too bad it's not baseball season or that might have been a semi funny pun ;-)

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  1. Thanks for this. I have a corn intolerance. Not exactly an allergy as it doesn't produce the "allergy" type reactions. But as a result, I'm constantly looking for things that don't have corn in them. This helps alot.


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