Saturday, February 2

Double Coupons at Shnucks

We spent $25.64 before tax for the items pictured. That's almost 50% off the sale and clearance prices at Shnucks yesterday if we'd bought these without coupons ($49.15) and even cheaper off a normal retail price of around $65.

For normal retail figuring I did not use Shnucks normal prices to figure retail, because they tend to be considerably higher then the other stores around here (maybe from most Shnucks being in Stl?) I used the prices I knew already from shopping at HyVee and Gerbes and for the cleaners I looked them up on and then took off a few $ because that seemed high.
Pretty cool deal =) They were matching up to 15 coupons up to one dollar each. So we grabbed out coupon holder and headed to Shnucks. I only recently started couponing again and knew it would be harder then before we knew we had food allergies. That has certaintly been true. It kinda sucks to look at bacon we could get for 50¢ but then read the ingredients and no one can eat it (what is wheat & corn doing in bacon?). But we still got some decent deals. Mostly for things will be for Trevor's lunches, but some for me and the boys =)

We used 12 coupons total, here's the breakdown-

Bought four Orchard frozen juice concentrate. Used a coupon $1 off four, so $2. They were on sale for $1.69 each. So that's 50¢ off each, made them $1.19 each. That's about 30¢ cheaper then most store brands =)

Bought some Kashi Soft n Chewy bars. They all have peanuts, corn and wheat... so not for me or the boys. But will give Trevor a cereal type bar for when he's running late in the morning. Had 2 $1 off one box coupons, they were on sale for $2.50, $2 off each doubled got us two boxes for 50¢ each. Fantastic!

Then there was a $2 off Kashi cereal now if you bought 2 bar boxes. Kashi does have a bran flake like cereal that is corn free (I love bran flakes, but haven't been able to eat them cause they all have corn in them) so we also got a box of Kashi cereal for $1.77. Not a WOW price, but a good price for cereal in general and I'm thrilled to be able to eat something other then eggs for breakfast again =)

Also had $1 off two Kashi crackers. We already knew we needed to get something to go with a spinach and artichoke dip we were doing tonight. So we used that to get a couple boxes crackers to dip with. They were also 2 for $5 like the boxed bars. So $2 off made them $1.50 each.

There were Taquitos on sale for $4.99 (already a a couple bucks off from retail) then also had a $1 off coupon, doubled got them for $2.99. This is also a no go on me or Tris, Trace can eat these though and so can Trevor.

Had a $1 off 3 Coffee Mate Creamers. I am not really a coffee drinker, hot tea is my preferred drink. But both my husband and parents are and like creamers. Coffee Mate was on sale for $1.88. So $2 off makes them $1.21 each. Good price for creamer I'm told, lol.

Had a coupon for 75¢ off Yoplait Light granola pack. So doubled to $1.50. It was $2.52 for so $1.02. Trevor loves it so that was awesome.

Go Uncle Ben rice. $1 off 4. They were $1 each. So doubled to $2 makes it 50¢ off each and makes each 50¢.

Trevor found some Right Guard bar soap on sale for $1.73 for 2 bar packs. We had a $1 off two coupon. So 73¢ each 2pk.

We decided to make a household tote. We have used up most our current cleaning stuff on our house and deep cleaning to get it on the market. So we decided when we find stuff on a good sale to grab in and put it in the tote. So we aren't quite as nickel and dimed when we find a new home. Towards that we did look for some stuff for the tote-

They had Windex cleaner on clearance for $2.16. Had $1 off 2. So when doubled got us both for $1.16 each. Not normally my brand of choice, but window cleaner isn't that toxic of a cleaner regardless of brand... generally.

Also had a coupon for Spot Shot. $1 off. $3.69 each. $2 off, $1.69 for it.

Not fantastic. Not as good as I use to be able to do. But the problem is that we just don't don't need or can't use many of the products that are on sale and can be matched with coupons. If we get anything that can only be eaten by Trevor and my parents then it needs to have a specific use time. We can't depend on 'oh it'll get eaten eventually' because that may not be the case and we don't want to be spending money on wasted food, even cheaply. So I'm not complaining about this. When the cheapest you can find soft cheese to eat is $6.99 for 8oz.... well I'm not complaining about $1.77 for a box of cereal... I'm actually really really happy about the box of cereal. I've missed cereal =)

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