Monday, February 25

February Magazine Round Up

We only got one magazine for February-

Family Circle
Stand Cost: $2.79    Our Cost: 33¢
Cost Saved: $2.46   Coupon Value: $2.75
Coupons: $2 Lysine and 75¢ Johnsonville Sausage
Yea or Nay? Nay

We will not use the Lysine coupon. Peppermint chapstick is better then Lysine in my experience, since it prevents as well as heals cold sores and does so much faster than Lysine. Not to mention is times cheaper. So better all around.

Try it if you suffer from cold sores... if you use peppermint chapstick (has to have real peppermint in it) every day I bet you don't get them anymore. Fantastic stuff.

I found out about it after I noticed several years ago that I hadn't gotten cold sores for a while after using some peppermint Burts Bees chapstick I'd gotten that Christmas. I use to get them once or twice a month. The herpes virus is a weak spot for my family it seems. I had chicken pox twice, shingles when I was 8 years old- which turned into re-occurring shingles (which btw my father's is reoccurring as well and he first got shingles when he was a teenager. So yeah, don't believe those commercials that say you can only get shingles once. Although it does reoccur in the same place always.) The peppermint trick works on shingles too- better then the medicine they prescribe, and it still works even if you don't catch it immediately. Although for the shingles I use actual peppermint essential oil on a cotton puff.

Anyways, Burts Bees or the HyVee Techno peppermint chap sticks both have real peppermint in them and work for cold sores. It will work to treat it, but it works even better to keep it from occurring to begin with. If you aren't a chapstick user try making it part of your morning and evening routine. Put some on before you leave for the day and before bed. Don't just take my word... there's been some research to back it up But nothing's better then results. Try it for yourself. Let me tell you, it's very nice to never have to deal with cold sores, very very nice =)

Back to coupons. The Johnsonville we may use, if it gets the price close to the store brand sausage value, so may or may not really save us money.

Reading wise there was at least one recipe I am going to try, so not a complete waste there.

Did you get any good coupons in your magazines for February?

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