Saturday, February 2

Grateful For #31: Preplanned Curriculum

A snapshot of the way the learn at home series maps out
the curriculum weekly all preplanned.
I know that I'm still new at this (and I know this is an odd thing to be grateful for on a saturday lol), so maybe it gets easier with time, but I just cannot imagine how the homeschool parents do it that map out their own curriculum from scratch. I have talked to some other homeschoolers that have done completely free curriculums by using free sources and creating their own, from the bottom up. I am completely in awe of them. I think I would be amazingly stressed out if I tried that.

I was so greatful to find the Learn at Home series that had the weeks mapped out. It's not perfect,  I tweak it a lot. It is so nice, though, to have this base plan already made out. I can add to or take away as I like, to meet Tristian's needs, but I don't have to figure out where about we should be, or what about we should be focuses on at that time, all on my own.

Thank you God for providing such a wide variety of resources to find and use.

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