Sunday, February 3

Grateful For #32: Late Nights With My Baby

Well not exactly. I could probably do without the late night part. But sometimes the sweetest moments seem to come at 1am after hours of trying to get one of the boys to sleep. I've had problems sleeping my whole life. Both boys seem to have inherited the same sleep issues. Tristian we can normally get into bed by 9pm at the latest, if we stick to a routine and he usually is asleep shortly after if we can keep him calm enough to get there.

Trace though is still a very different story.

He will chase my own insomnia well into the night, fighting sleep. The worst nights are when he wakes up after sleeping for a few hours, because it's invariably at a time when I could finally sleep myself. The picture here was taken a few nights ago right around 1am, not as late of a night as I thought it was going to be. That moment, when he finally climbs up into my arms and falls asleep, is one of the sweetest moments of my day. It's not always me he seeks out when he's finally ready to sleep. He likes to check on Daddy throughout the night and sometimes he just never comes back. I'll find him curled up against Trevor, sleeping soundly, safe and secure with his daddy.

Thank you God for those precious moments.

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