Friday, February 15

Grateful For #44: Wanting to be Happy

That may seem like an odd thing to say, much less be happy for... but I've come to realize it's true.

Trevor and I are gloriously happy with our lives. We love each other, our boys, are so very grateful for all that we have.

I see and talk to people on a daily basis that are unhappy... wanting more, different, complaining, upset, fight constantly with their spouse, etc..

I'm not saying Trevor and I have a storybook life. I'm saying the opposite, actually. We have our fights, of course. We have our money problems. We have our moments of terror and stress and being overwhelmed. A bigger house, income, better health, cooler vacations, etc would be awesome. But they wouldn't change our lives drastically (well maybe better health would lol, but you know what I mean). I don't feel it would have a significant difference on our level of happiness.

I have come to believe that we are so happy and so content because we WANT to be. We want to be happy, we WANT to be content, we WANT to be grateful. We actively strive for that. The rest is second, money, house, vacations. Again with the possible exception of health, but I sorta feel that exception is what makes the rule. The fact that we have a happy, loving, healthy relationship despite the health scares and obstacles we have experienced.

Thank you God for giving us the ability to want to be happy =)


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    1. I'm glad! If I could bottle up one life lesson to give to everyone else- every graduate, every just married couple, everyone- this would be it, "Want to be HAPPY!" lol ;-)


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