Friday, February 22

Grateful For #51: Optimism

Trevor and I have often agreed that one of the reasons we work so well is we are so similar for such different reasons. We've decided it boils down to our nature vs nurture being flipped. Trevor is by nature a pessimist, but he had such an amazing and positive childhood that he will for ever take for granted that everything will work out. I am by nature an optimist, but on the flip of Trevor- I take for granted that something will always mess up. The end result is two people, who for very different reasons... tend to be right on the same page with each other about just about everything. I look at things and see what could be. I can't help it any more then I can help having already looked at whatever it is. Everything I see is a shadow of what it could be... which is generally just amazing. Trevor looks at things are sees all the reasons it's not what it could be, but he knows what it could be and that he can get it there... we both have the same end ideas... just for very different reasons.

Without optimism being a built in part of who I am, I don't even want to think about where I would be right now. Not where I am. This Grateful For is a bit of a spin off of the Wanting To Be Happy Grateful For. I'm grateful optimism is part of who I am, naturally. I'm grateful optimism is an ingrained part of my husband through his nurture.

Thank you God for the gift of optimism. Please help all those who are struggling for any reason to find their own optimistic outlook.

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