Saturday, February 23

Grateful For #52: Family Time

This afternoon/evening we have been enjoying some family time. Nothing major, we all have colds and so didn't play outside as much as I had hoped we would. We ended up spending a large part of the time watching shows and just enjoying being together... even if we all do feel kinda cruddy. Trace drifted off to his nap while cuddled up to me and daddy took a picture (to the left).

Everyone has been rather whiny the last week or so with this latest chest cold making the rounds so it was nice to have some kick back time Thursday (enforced by the snowstorm) and today. Often when you think of family time you think of doing something, planning something, playing something... but sometimes nice family time can just be everyone chilling out on a couch while sick and just being together.

Thank you God for Family Time.

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