Monday, February 25

Grateful For #53: My Parents Help

I'm sorry, today's Grateful For post is very late- I completely forgot. Today was a very, very bad day breathing wise. This cold has locked my lungs down much worse then they have been for several months. Of course the good side of that is that this is worse then I've dealt with for months rather then what happens every time I get a little sick or allergies flare up, like it had been for the three years before that. That is a very big positive! But today was not a very big positive. It was afternoon (and after more prednisone and several treatments) before I could get up and walk around.

That brings me to my Grateful For of the day. My parents watched the boys during the morning until I could. I am very, very grateful for that. Thank you Mom and Dad!

Another bad is that this is the second cold Trace has had in 2 months where he has displayed asthmatic symptoms.
I had very much hoped that he would not have asthma, as he did not seem to be displaying them before this. I can only guess that perhaps the immune support from the breastmilk has cushioned him up to now, and our grace period is over. The last cold Trace had we ended up in Urgent Care and the doctor assumed he had asthma, I had hoped it was just that bad of a cold. It might have been, and considering how bad this one is for me, this one might be also. Regardless I will be setting up an appointment with Tristian's pediatric pulmonologist to see what he thinks.

Trace has been nursing less... I've been wondering if he was moving towards self weaning. If that is the case then it's possible his immune system has reached maturity. The research I have looked into suggests that human children's immune system doesn't reach maturity until.... depending on the research you look at, anywhere from 3-6 years of age. Which just so happens to be the age range during when most human children will self wean. Possibly because most would then no longer need the extra immune support from Mom. With the loss of the extra support if Trace is asthmatic, it would make sense that during the transition from breastmilk would be when asthma symptoms begin to present if they had not already. Not to mention his brother's symptoms also only presented after weaning.

Anyways, thank you God for my parents and them being available to help with the boys today.

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