Thursday, February 28

Grateful For #57: Tylenol

You know that feeling when you run really hard way to fast and then are trying to breathe? That painful feeling in your lungs every time you draw in air? Imagine that being something like... I don't know, 10 fold or more. That is how my lungs hurt. My butt even hurts from all the coughing! And my back is killing me. We are going to have to get to the chiropractor next week asap, my arm keeps going numb every time I cough -.- Stupid nerves. Not to mention my poor baby Trace, every time he coughs he caves his shoulders in on himself and plasters himself to the nearest loved one. I know he's absolutely miserable from this stupid chest cold turned infection.

So my Grateful For of the day is Tylenol. Because it's processed through the liver and not the kidneys (so we don't have to worry as much when giving it to Trace) and because it works. It may not technically be as effective as Motrin or Aspirin or Naproxen- but it's safe for asthmatics and those with Kidney problems and it does help.

Thank you God for Tylenol.

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