Monday, February 25

Greatful For #54: CHOICES!

Truly! Do you ever stop to think about how many choices you have each and every day? TONS! Every day we make thousands (maybe more) of little and big choices. We don't even see most of them as choices because they are habit, but they still are a choice.

Where to go, who to see, what to do, brush your teeth or not, eat breakfast or not, smile or not, try to be early/on time/late, what shirt to wear, what pants to wear, using positive words, thinking positively, what to do when you get mad, what to do when you get frustrated, what to do when things don't work out, even to get up or go back to sleep is a choice. Now responsibilities may not make a lot of these things (like getting out of bed when you have work) seem like a real choice, but it is. You choose to fulfill your responsibilities or not. Every day you make the choice to do so is another choice you can be proud you made, every single time. On the flip if you don't make a good choice... well you have to reap what you sow.

Thank you God for giving us a choice!

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