Saturday, February 2

I hate that it's funny to be mean, impolite or unappreciative

Really, really bugs me to see all these commercials where it's a joke when you are mean, impolite or unappreciative. The Citi Credit Card commercial where the woman sarcastically says 'okay' when the sales associate tells her to have a 'super sparkly day'. The State Farm commercial where the son that tells his mother she isn't helping when she's waiting on the phone for him about his car accident.

It's not just the commercials, the tv shows and etc are just as bad.

Seriously, why is it funny to be mean to others? It's even less funny that's it's being propogated for profit by companies... and you know what's even less funny imo then that? That we've created a social system that is ok with that, actually encourages it.

Am I the only one that is really, really bothered by this? I made a comment the other day on facebook (on a post about the man that took in the frightened children fleeing from the school shooting where 20 children and 6 adults were killed. Did you know he's now being seriously harassed by people that think the whole shooting was a government creation?) Anyways, I made a comment the other day that I think our society is sick and I don't know the cure. Well, I don't. But I have a feeling if we cut out things like propogating on television it being funny, cool and normal to mean, impolite, unappreciative and scathingly sarcastic to others would undoubtedly be a huge step towards a 'cure'.

These type of commercial make me less likely to use a company or product....what about you?


  1. I completely agree and maybe I'm getting old, but I think the problem is getting worse and worse with each passing year. Do people even know how to be funny without hurting or belittling others these days?

    1. I don't think most do. It seems the normal in conversation anymore, it's actually one of the things we discussed as a positive for homeschooling- being able to keep that minimized during the boys developing years.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment on my posts!

  2. No prob, I'm loving your blog :) You seem to be going through much health wise with your family, but you're coping through it like a champ!

    .... and it's nice to see someone not afraid to admit they watch Roseanne reruns ;)

    1. I love your blog too! and I love Roseanne, that show still cracks me up, it doesn't matter how many times I've seen a particular episode =)


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