Friday, February 1

I Wish I Could Sleep Like That! (on the steps)

Seriously though, after a hard day of being a toddler... what better place is there really to curl up and fall asleep then a step?

The zig zagging line of marker on his forehead is a particularly nice touch ;-)

Our kids sleep in all sorts of odd ways that make me go, huh !? So I've decided that when I have a camera handy (normally sense my camera is my phone) I'm gonna try and snap a picture of the funnier, cuter, or most jealous of ones.


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    1. hehe, I do too, makes me laugh every time I see the pic =) I wish wish wish we had our diaper system set up over here. I am going to do that this week. The first thing I thought after 'omg that is so adorable I have to take a pic' was 'this would be have been even more precious a pic with a normal diaper on.'

      thank you for commenting!


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