Wednesday, February 6

Ivory Soap Fluff Trick

Yesterday we finally did the Ivory soap fluff trick. Tristian had a blast!

We used half a bar of Ivory and kept the other half bar to compare. I think it would have filled the microwave if we had used an entire bar!
We talked about what we thought was going to happen before we put it in the microwave, then what we thought had happened. The first thing Tris said after we took it out was, "POPCORN!" lol, yeah- that is the first comparision that comes to mind ;-)

If you haven't heard of this (it's all over pinterest lol), you just put some soap in a microwave safe dish in the microwave for about a minute. Nothing bad happens, it fluffs up until it doesn't anymore, you stop it, let it cool then take it out. It's pretty neat. It becomes hard and brittle but it still just soap.

It was funny because Tris kept saying, "I need to wash my hands." and going and washing his hands because they felt dirty... you know... from the soap flakes ;-) Made me grin =)

He got to do whatever he wanted. Poored water on in, tried to poke holes, smashed it into tiny little flakes. He had fun, and since it's soap it was extremely easy to clean up, lol. It did make quite a mess, but a wet washcloth took care of it in short order.

Overall a very fun exercise =)

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