Monday, February 4

IXL Math is Awesome! (and 35% off sale!)

*UPDATE- If you're just looking for the sale link CLICK HERE for the IXL discount page, seems to be a fairly permanent sale; however, the discount recently changed to 25%

Tristian Adding Using Pictures of Groups on IXL
**Second- this is not a paid for review or promotion. I'm sharing because I found this site helpful, I bought the account with my own money, IXL isn't even aware of this review.

January has been a drag for us. We've had a serious case of the Post Holiday Humdrums =p Tristian has really not been feeling the whole school thing... but especially not math. What does he want to do? Play on the computer of course. So I set out to look for something that is to math as Starfall is to phonic but math (if you have never heard of Starfall you should check it out, It's a great phonics teaching tool and a lot of the phonics part of the site is free. It does have some math k-2, but I was looking for something more comprehensive).

What I found was IXL.

It has the standards for math in each grade in each state (wonderful to have so easily at hand). Great reviews, we did some of the practices and it looks like it could be a wonderful help for us.... but it's $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year! Ouch. Not in my budget. So I looked on HSLDA for a discount... nada =( Then I started searching the internet for a discount. BINGO! There is a free group called Homeschool Buyers Co-op (click on the name for for the link). Through their free group you can sign up for a year for $49.99 + $1.95 order fee, so $51.94. That's more then 35% off the normal yearly fee of $79.99. Freaking awesome! CLICK HERE to see the IXL Math Discount Page at the Co-op. That gives us the rest of this school year and takes us more then halfway into next school year, at which time I can evaluate and see what's up.

The program gives you a parent account and a child account so you can see how they are doing. I really like that it has each grade sectioned off but available. I was a little worried I would have to choose the grade for the child account, which would not have been a good fit for Tristian, since we are working on math across three grades at the moment. Overall I am very optimistic about this program (enough to spend $50 on it lol). I hope it helps pull us out of this math slump we're in atm =)


  1. I love it when I find something that is just perfect for one of my kiddos! :) I'm glad this is working for him.

  2. Thanks a lot for this info; I just registered my son for IXL for a year.

    1. It's worked out really well for us, I hope it goes as well for you!

  3. Replies
    1. I just checked and the sale is still there. It seems to be a pretty permanent discount through the co-op, I've been told it's been available for a few years now =) I added a link at the very top of the post to make it easier to get there.

  4. Is the discount still available? Thanks.


  5. I've heard great things about this but have can't tell if it is what I'm looking for. What I want is something that will really reinforce the math facts. I want something that will start them off and move them along as they achieve mastery (addition/subtraction to multiplication/division increasing in difficulty). AND, I want the program to determine mastery. KWIM? I want to tell the children, "Go do your IXL." and not have to worry if they are doing the right level but just know the program is putting them where they need to be and keeping them there until they are ready to move on. Is this that type of program? TIA

    1. The ixl program does change the difficulty of problems in each section as they get better at that skill and does determine when they have mastered a skill. It will not automatically place them though. And the child can choose to got back to the skill screen or other parts if the site. However if you trust them to get into the program then you should be able to trust them to stay in it. You can also check on your account under progress to see what they are up to on the skills. 

      What I do is say go work on you ixl 'name skill here'. Tris goes and clicks that skill to practice. From there the program practice gets harder or easier as he correctly or incorrectly answers questions, until it feels he's mastered the skill. Once he's mastered the skill he gets a screen saying he's mastered it and a link back to the skill screen so he can pick a new skill to practice. I also will occassionally check under reports by skill(I use ixl practice time to work with his brother on activities) to see if he's taking overmuch time on a practice area he shouldn't be, and go remind him if he got distracted.

      To see how the actual practicing works you can try out the skills on ixl for a few questions a day and just look around to see what you think. The set up has worked much better for us then I had hoped. I am still really happy with the IXL program, honestly.


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