Friday, February 8

Love Is As Love Does

Love is blind.... I tend to agree, but not exactly in the way the statement is normally meant. Well,perhaps somewhat in the way the statement is meant. It normally means that those in love don't see the flaws in each other. I don't mean it quite that way, Trevor and I try to be pretty open an honest. We are well aware of each other's flaws, they just don't bother us. And by happy not so coencidence (I rather suspect God had a hand in it) where I'm flawed Trevor compensates with a strength, and vice versa. I mean love is blind to appearances... physical ones.

My husband and I met when I was 19 and he was 20 (we are only 5 months apart). We started dating the summer we were both 20. He was 20, overweight and balding (he is 28 now and completely bald, luckily for him he is a very handsome bald man). Some of my friends didn’t understand what I saw when I looked at him. I knew he was balding, overweight, etc… but he was also very handsome, not in spite of or despite of the previous. That was just what he was. From the first time I saw him I had this feeling of ‘everything’s all right now’ which I have since decided was my version of love at first sight. Something in me knew, even if I didn’t know yet.

I remember specifically one evening we went to a get together with a bunch of my friends and one good friend that had been out of town at college and had not met Trevor the summer before for whatever reason. When she got there I went over to see her and she asked where the wonderful guy I had was, I pointed to Trevor and she turned to me, shocked, “He’s so BIG!” I laughed at it and said, “well you should see his big brother!” Only a half joke, Trevor is just shy of 6ft and was 255lbs for the first few years we dated- so he was a rather large man, especially next to my then 5ft 105lbs. His older brother at that time was 6ft 5 inches and porportionally heavier then Trev.

My friend didn’t see what I saw. I saw the love of my life, she saw a body type different then what she was use to seeing me with. The moral I guess is that body doesn’t matter. If it’s your love they are attractive. Handsome, beautiful, gorgeous. That’s what you see because that’s what they are to you.

This picture is not from when we were first dating, Digital pictures were not very common then. This is from Christmas 2006 I believe when we were about 3 months pregnant with Tristian and pants were causing my upset tummy to be worse (hence the overalls) but it's the earliest digital picture I could find. Now (Trevor is about 20lbs lighter now then he was in this picture) or then, when I see Trevor I still see a very handsome man =)

I've asked Trevor what he sees when he looks at me now. Because contrary to him loosing weight I am about 55lbs heavier then when we first started dating =( But he describes it similar to how I do. He says, "I see you, my beautiful wife." If I was with someone who wasn't my true love would they see me the same? I rather doubt it. But it's acedemic, because I am with my true love =)

Love is as love does =)

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