Tuesday, February 26

Melting Popsicle Trick to Get Tristian to Eat =)

We have been having this problem with Tristian for a while now. He complains he's hungry, then takes a few bites and says he's full. Half hour later, repeat. Tried making him eat a plate til it's done, it will take him literally all afternoon to finish half his lunch. Frustrating!

Yesterday I made the boys lunch. Still not breathing well at all so the food was nothing spectacular, but not bad by any means. Almond butter on gluten free bread sandwiches, banana slices, and gluten free pretzels. Two bites into the sandwich and, "I'm full, Mom. I'm done." No... no you're not.

See that blue popsicle on the plate? That's my solution. He only gets however much of the popsicle that doesn't melt before the rest of lunch is eaten. If he takes too long and it all melts... no popsicle. I know, popsicles are not healthy at all, but I rather think not eating is probably less healthy. Not to mention we're spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on growth hormone that can not work if it doesn't have any fuel to use to help him grow. I may look into some trays to make juice into popsicles or something if needed and maybe we can get him in the habit of eating his meals in a normal time frame.

Know what else? He ate his plate in 10-15 minutes. Not much of the popsicle had melted at all. Fastest I've seen him eat a meal in a loooonnnggg time =) So it worked. Hurray!

Do you have any tips or tricks you use(d) to get your kids to eat?

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