Saturday, February 9

"Mom, when does Jesus make people alive again?"

That was not a question I was expecting sprung on me during play time yesterday!

It was a read of choice day for Tris and he picked a Bible story book. I was in the middle of putting Trace down for nap and noticed it was a Bible story book, but not which one. He chose to read the God Loves Me Bible. Part of what he read was  page 132 which is a children's version of Luke 8. It is titled A Little Girl and goes-
Jairus had a little daughter.
She was very sick.
Jairus went to Jesus for help.
Jesus came to Jairus's house.
Everyone was crying because the little girl was dead.
Then Jesus did something wonderful!
He took the little girl by the hand and made her alive again!

Then as a caption under the picture it says- God loved the little girl.

Tris has been processing the idea of death for a few months now. Sometimes a few weeks goes by without him asking about death, sometimes it's the topic of the day for a few days. We've done our best to reassure him and continue to point back to God and heaven as an answer. I kept trying to tell him that if we believed in God and Jesus and did what we are suppose to do we would go to heaven where God is. He kept saying, "no, when will Jesus come and take peoples hand and make us alive again?" I had to go find the book to understand what exactly he was asking. I ended up telling him that when Jesus was alive here on Earth he did wonderful things, and sometimes wonderful things still happen and people who have died for only a little bit, like the little girl had, do come back to life through miracles. But that normally when Jesus takes our hand after we die it's to bring us back to life in heaven with God, not here on Earth.

Tristian closely relates death with my grandparents and Trevor's grandfather. It's actually how this processing started was when he asked us where my grandparents and Dad's grandpa's were. So it was natural that his next question was, "When did Jesus take your grandpa's hand and bring him back to life?" I told him, "After he died honey." "And now he's were God lives?" "Yes, he's in Heaven honey." Somehow that closed the subject for now in his mind and he went back to building his train track. Nothing else said.

The whole episode took only minutes, Trace was still asleep when I sat down to draft this, but the experience made me want to smile and cry at the same time. All of my grandparents were wonderful people and very religious, I very much pray Tristian gets to meet them someday in Heaven.


  1. I've had similar conversations with my five year old. He has been asking about death and getting old a lot lately. He's concerned that my husband and I are going to be old soon and will die (and I'm only 25). It's been a tough subject to discuss, but we too have been referencing God and Heaven as much as possible as we try to answer his questions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, I wonder if five is a normal age for death to become a worry then? He hasn't yet connected the hospital or health conditions to death... I'm a little worried about when he makes that connection. Thank you so much for commenting! It's so nice to hear someone else dealing with the same sort of thing.

  2. Death is certainly a hard thing to understand--especially for young children. I think it's good, though, to allow them to ask questions and discuss it with us. And I do believe that all Christians will be together in heaven one day. :)

    1. I do too =) I agree, I am hoping by not treating it as a bad topic it will help him come to terms with the idea and move on.

      Thank you very much for taking the moment to comment!


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