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Saving Money Online: Useful Sites

Before we go any farther- if you want just one site to use. If you end up overwhelmed or know now you don't want to have to keep track of multiple sites to save money and are just looking for one site to give you a nice little kickback then your answer is Swagbucks.
I use all the sites below. I'm use to it but I accumulated them over a several year period. Swagbucks is the most user friendly (in my opinion) of the sites that provide kickbacks and usage rewards while still accumulating rewards very quickly. It only lacks being a trade site (so you'll still have to look below if you are after that, hehe).

These are the sites I use the most for help getting things for less. Some are cashback/rebate sites, some are trading sites, some are earning credit for doing surveys, some are different still.

Click the images to visit the sites.

All of these programs have special rewards you get if you join the program through a referral compared to just by finding the site. It's these programs ways of ensuring they continue to get word of mouth. If they made it more lucrative to join the site on your own they would have people getting upset that they weren't getting credited for referrals because their referrals got more by not being a referral but instead joining directly. When people get upset at a program they are less likely to use it... and less likely to refer others to it. Not good for the program. These sites learned this years ago and because of it the referral process is beneficial for both members. Each picture here contains my referral link, save one- which I explain then.

Lets start with trading sites. 

These are sites you can trade items through a safe system. Please note, use common sense. If you aren't comfortable taking the chance of being scammed don't trade outside the sites system. Follow all rules. Don't wait to submit a refund request because someone talks you out of it. Just like in real life there are scammers. So use common sense. These sites can only protect you from scammers if you use their systems and use them correctly. I have never been scammed on any of these sites and I have traded outside the system... but I am very careful about doing so, and only do so when getting scammed isn't something that is going to really upset me.

The only one of these sites that has a trade fee at the time of posting is swapacd, and it's 50 cents I believe. - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.
I use paperback swap A LOT! I love it! I have gotten lots of the boys books through here, lots of our curriculum books, I have given credits as gifts and gotten books to give as gifts. Definitly take a look at the Book Bazaar for deals (just remember what I said about trading outside the system).

Swapadvd is another I use A LOT =) I have given lots of movies as gifts through here and gotten a lot of the boys dvds from here. I think I've spent an average of about $2 a dvd gotten off this site. Check out the Discussion forums for deals, but remember common sense.

I haven't used Swapacd much, just sometimes if I know someone is looking for a specific cd and I could include it in a gift or pick me up or something.

Next lets do Cash Back/Rebate Sites and Survey Sites

These sites give you money back if you click through to purchase things from their site. You have to have an account with their site and be logged in when you click through. They often have special promotions and coupons to help you save even more while shopping. There are lots of sites like these out there, here are the ones I use. 

Mr. Rebates- $5 bonus when you sign up for free!

There isn't much to say individually about these sites. The premiss of each is the same. They often have different cash back amounts and promotions going though so I always check each one to see which has the best deal before I purchase something online. Sometimes one may have no cashback through Amazon while another has 10% or etc... so I always check each.

Mypoints is the only image that has no link. They do not give you the ability to access a referral link, you can only refer through an email sent from the site. If you would like a referral please email me at calynl @ gmail . com less the spaces.

Myspoints is a mix between a survey site and cashback site. You get points for click throughs, you can also earn points for other offers and for surveys, you can earn points by searching, you even earn points for clicking links on emails. You can then redeem the points for gift cards to a variety of places.

The trick with mypoints is those few really good deals every once in a while. Usually Swagbucks or the other cashback sites have better rewards per dollar- the trick is to finding the special deals. The other day there was a mypoints special on a specific site if you spend $9.99 you got 3500 points- once, one day only. 3500 gets you about $25 in gift card rewards. So for that one day you spent $9.99 and got $25 back.

Swagbucks is similar to mypoints, but tends to have a better reward for some things, and just a different way of rewarding for others. You can get a lot of swagbucks for one search, but none at all for most (where mypoints search reward is based on number of searches) however that one search can give you up to $0.50 worth of swagbucks if you're really lucky (or 1 cent). Swagbucks breaks down to roughly 1 cent a swagbuck. You can get swagbucks for shopping (like the cashback sites), for your birthday, for coupons and etc... I use both sites depending on what I'm doing. 

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MySurvey is a site that you earn points for completing surveys and then can redeem the points for cash, gift cards or other prizes. I've use this site to help fund our date nights =)

The sites I've listed here are the sites I use and can say I know they're valid. I've used these sites for years, literally. I joined Mypoints and Mysurvey in 2005. PaperBackSwap, SwapaDVD and SwapaCD in 2009. Ebates, Mr Rebates, and Big Crumbs in 2009. Swagbucks in 2011. I KNOW for a fact they are not scams. There are other survey, cashback, trading and etc sites out there that are valid, I'm sure. I've ran into many that were scam sites. That's why I have listed these out. You can use and not have to worry about finding out the hard way they aren't legit.

Please still use common sense. Don't buy just to get points or cashback, work the deals out and make sure it's the best one. Don't go outside the systems or do things against the rules. These sites are amazing resources for your budget, use them with common sense and respect.

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