Wednesday, February 20

Starfall Learning Is AMAZING!

* Starfall is unaware of this review. is one of the best FREE online teaching sources I've every found. Tristian has used and loved it since we realized he was teaching himself to read and Trace, while not quite as good at the games as Tris was, still very much enjoys it. Classic provides LOTS of interactive literacy related games and is 100% free. We had used the classic site one for the last three years, and only recently signed up for has even more phonics and includes colors, math and... well MORE.

It also gives you access to a teachers lounge that provides access to lots of printable worksheets and an online copy of Starfall's Kindergarten curriculum. costs $35 for 365 days for a household membership and can be authorized for use on up to 3 computers. We only joined this year, but there's a link on our settings page that allows you to renew early for $30 right now, I don't know if that will always be there. I will probably renew a month or two before our year is up, hopefully it's still there =) I wanted to mention that it doesn't actually authorize a computer, it authorizes the browser on the computer. This is unfortunate because for some reason the print option in chrome on my netbook doesn't work correctly. I have to use Internet Explorer to print. I don't use Internet Explorer for any other web activity for the obvious reason that IE is to web browsing as as the turtle was to racing. Slow and steady may have won that race... but it's just frustrating on the net. So I am using two of my authorizations on one computer, bummer.

In the teachers lounge of there is also a notice that a Pre-K curriculum will be available for 2013-2014. I will definitely be looking at that for Trace, if it's available online like the Kindergarten one is. They advertise the Kindergarten Curriculum as being under $350 for homeshoolers, which is way more then I am willing to spend. Assuming the Pre-K is similarly priced it would be way out of our budget so hopefully it will be available in the teacher's lounge for viewing also. The Kindergarten curriculum is free to print off for personal use if you have a account.

I do really like that the kindergarten curriculum. Especially that is plans out the days the same way the Learn at Home series does (that was a huge selling point for us with the Learn at Home series). The Learn at Home series cost $20 per book, so $35 for an online printable curriculum and access to is not a bad deal at all =) I know and like a lot of the books the curriculum uses like "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom". Some things I'm nost so hot on the curriculum, like backpack bear whispering things to you, but that's easy to plan around.

*I was not contacted by starfall about doing a review. Nor received anything free to enable a review or promotion. It was just something helpful I found out about so wanted to share.

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