Wednesday, February 27

Stupid Sick Season

Trace we woke up with around 4am yesterday running 103-104 fever. Which is what I was doing Sunday, so I think he's a couple days behind me. He has some congestion but the cough isn't scary tight or anything. And honestly some congestion is better then none atm. None would have me more worried because it would probably mean his lungs were locking down. We have been doing treatments with him, which are helping. Trace was born with kidney problems, so we aren't suppose to use Ibuprofin much, but we gave him half a dose this morning. General rule of thumb is only use it when Tylenol can't bring fevers down alone. His fever's about 100 with them both, poor baby. Gave him a popsicle to help cool him down more. My poor baby.

Even Trevor has congestion.

Prednisone kicked in Monday evening for me. Which means better breathing... When I'm not coughing up rock hard mucus and blood -.-

Tris had just been running a low fever with a cough and sleeping in late the last few days, good natural way of dealing with it. I was hoping he wouldn't get it too bad. I checked on him a few different times after getting up with Trace. He still was a little warm, nothing bad. Then at 8am I checked on him... I knew before I touched him that his temp was up. One of his feet was out from under the blanket and it was bright red (not normal for Tris). He was every bit as burning up as Trace had been. Still sound asleep though. I put a dose of Tylenol and half a dose of Motrin (Tris isn't suppose to have Ibuprofin much just like Trace isn't, but for different reasons. There is a history of occasional allergic reaction to it among the asthmatics in our family- including myself. Tristian's never displayed an abnormal reaction though, so we have a little more leeway. Still tend to only give Motrin in half doses just in case). I put the dose of Tylenol and half dose of Motrin in about four ounces of Sprite and woke him up enough to drink it. He fell right back to sleep. Woke up about 40 minutes later, after the medicine had kicked in. Like his brother the combo only takes his fever into the 100 range.

Which doesn't worry me too much. I've never felt the purpose of fever reducers was to eliminate fever, only to bring it down to a less scary level. Studies have shown that children where fevers are allowed to run their course actually don't stay sick as long as their counterparts who used fever reducers to eliminate the fevers. I'm not willing to let a high fever run it's course- simply because I can't stand to see my boys that miserable; however, I have nothing against a low grade fever that can help fight the illness while not making my boys feel too much worse then just being sick already does.

Both boys spent most the day laying around, poor babies.

We just can't seem to not be sick this winter. I think we've had at least one family member sick or getting over sick non stop since mid November. Oh well, it could be much worse, at least we are getting over each cycle, no hospitals and no ER so far, just doctors and a couple Urgent Care visits.

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