Wednesday, February 13

Valentine Heart Hershey Kiss Mice =)

These were one of the crafts in the free vday crafts for kids book I was talking about this morning (click here to see the post). I thought they were adorable =)

In the book they used circles to make the ears... but I thought, "It's Valentines Day, why not use hearts?" So that's what we did. Some of the hearts we had in foam shapes premade. Some of them (the glittery ones) were made from putting together form foam circles and squares. I absolutely think these are completely adorable!

Used a glue stick to glue the kisses down (apply the gluestick to the kiss itself, rather then the foam, works better). Used a silver permanent marker to make the inside of the ears on the plain foam hearts. A black permanent marker to make the eyes on the foil wrap of the kisses. Tris loved getting to put the eyes on them. And they were made out of foam stickers so we are going to stick them to our Vday cards. Too cute!

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