Monday, March 18

A New Blog Design!

Our blog has a whole new look!

Here's a print screen off my tablet of it in case you are on reader or etc =)

I still have this chest infection (I am getting pretty fed up with it honestly) and spent yesterday lounging on the couch with nothing much to do when I wasn't changing diapers or the like ;-) So I got it in my head to start playing around with pictures and colors. Sort of an extension of what I've been doing a lot lately anyways... but this time one thing led to another and suddenly I had an entire blog design!

So, I put it to good use =)

Here's the Header:

Here's the pictures used in the header:

I think they capture each of us pretty well =)

Here's the background:

I really like how that turned out. The rolling background doesn't seem to work well on most mobile browsers though, so may be switching that. Also, working on making it easier to read the text that isn't over a shadowed background. On my netbook it actually looks really light and easy to read over. On my tablet and phone it's much darker/brighter (as you can see in the print screen from my tablet above)

 Here's the new share button and pictures used:

What do you think?


  1. Pretty nice! Love the background :)

    1. Thank you! I really love how the background turned out =)


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