Friday, March 15

ALL YOU: March Magazine Coupon Round Up

I was going to do all the magazines on one post, however All You has enough coupons to make it's own post, so I'm doing this one first and the others as tomorrow's post.

All You Cover Cost: $2.49 My Cost: 78¢ Cost Savings: $1.79
Total Coupon Value: $29.90 Total Coupon Code Value: $83
%s off: 25% off 20% off
Estimated Total Savings: $123.25 (according to All You cover) 

Now remember, we get two of these magazines. Bought on the 2 for one sale.

That's a lot of savings!

Right off the bat though I know that it's extremely unlikely I will use any of the online savings. We do use CVS's online pharmacy for Tristian's growth hormone... but somehow I don't foresee them letting us take 25% off our next order (growth hormone costs more then $1000 every 20 days) lol. The rest of the online codes are for things we don't buy often, mostly makeup and some snacky type foods.

So that leaves me looking at the $29.90 of actual in hand coupons. $10 of that is for what looks like a department store that I've never heard of (Catherines) so isn't in my area. Down to $19.90 in hand coupon savings.

There is one free item coupon. Worth up to $1.75 for Comet. I'm not big on bleach (for obvious lung health reasons) however over the last few years I've learned that using bleach for some deep cleaning can really help our breathing in general. I still try to use mostly natural products for normal cleaning, but the occasional bleach isn't something I am against. Not to mention that bleach actually isn't an unnatural product... so I've always took the green anti-bleach propaganda with a pinch of salt. And no one can say that's anti-green propaganda on my part. Cause we certainly try to live a greener life style. Regardless, my real issue with bleach is and always had been the caustic affects of the fumes on our lungs. I've found that powdered forms of bleach (like Comet) seem to be safer fume wise then liquid forms... even after water is added. I don't know why. I have never looked into the science behind it (unusual for me, I know) I just know what I've experienced. Anyways. This is a rebate. So that takes 48¢ ish (46¢ for stamp, 2¢ish for envelope) off the savings. Still that is up to a savings of $1.27 and makes a tube of Comet 48¢. Not bad at all.

Other coupons:
$1 Simple Facial Skincare Product
$1 Purex Crystals for Baby Detergent
$1 Hormel Compleats
75¢ Promise Spread
$1 Truvia
65¢ C&H Sugar
$1 Vita Cake
$1 Newtons Cookies
$1 Barber Foods Product
75¢ Johsonville Breakfast Sausage
75¢ Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage
50¢ Sister Schubers Product
75¢ Cadbury Ice Cream Bars
75¢ Land O LakesSaute Express
75¢ Aquafresh Toothbrush
50¢ New York Frozen Bread
$1 Carapelli Olive Oil
$4 Veggietales The Little House that Stood dvd

That's quite a few coupons =) We will use the C&H Sugar coupon, that often goes close to store brand price at HyVee so the coupon will save us money next time it does compared to store brand price. We also might use it on the Veggietales, depending on the price I can find it for. I get most our Veggietales from SwapaDVD because it's much cheaper. I have done an occasional deal on the Veggietales website or using a coupon. The rest may or may not get used depending on the prices I can find stuff for. I might be able to use a few of them with sales at Shnucks where then double coupons under 50¢ and round any coupons 51¢ to 99¢ up to $1.

Yay or Nay? Yay, certainly. The Comet rebate alone pays for the magazine and then some.

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