Sunday, March 24

Exploring More About Animals

This is the wildlife binder and animal fact sheet set you can read about how we got free by CLICKING HERE.

I had initially planned to use the IMP Wildlife Explorer set for the basis of a year long activity next school year. Still am going to but introduced the book a little earlier ;-)

Tristian has been very interested in different types of animals lately (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc). We had a brief week intro to each a couple months ago, but Tris is still very interested. So the other day I broke open the book and packets and his task was to figure out which group each animal was in.

Had a blast!

Had several tricky ones (porcupine, duckbill platypus, dolphin). But we figured them all out!

BTW, I love that he moves his head to read things rather then moving the paper! It is so much fun to watch younger children inspecting things!

Then he spent the rest of the afternoon reading about why and how birds fly.

I'll probably take the book and sheets back apart so we can do this again at the beginning of next year as the start of this project. I still need to figure out how we are going to make our own fact sheets. I'm working on getting a free subscription to National Geographic from a points program. Figure we can use pictures from the magazine and I'll put together some sort of template to glue picture and article snippets (or write out) about the animals and etc...

We've done it a little bit with our pets and the animals outside, but I can not wait until our zoo trip this summer to be able to see Tris put this knowledge into real life practice!

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