Wednesday, March 20

Grateful For #76: Less Debt

With our refund I-
  • Paid the credit cards we used to pay for buildngi the fence around the house and car insurance last year. We are once again credit card debt free, WOOHOO!
  • Also, paid the car payments for another 6 months.It was already paid til September 3rd 2013 with last year's refund, did not want to try and figure out working that back into the monthly budget atm. This will take us through March 2014.
  • Paid the rest down on home equity. We currently owe about 44k between home equity and mortgage. Just praying we can get at least that much when we sell the house, housing economy is crud =/ Owe about 4k on the car. So total debt is about 48k. Still, very grateful to not have any more debt then that right now.
Thank you God for budgeting and less debt then we had a week ago =)

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. We just paid off the last of our credit card debt earlier this month. It's a great feeling to have that debt load eliminated from our shoulders! Unfortunately, my student loans still loom over us ugg. But we're one step closer to a debt free life so for that I'm grateful!


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