Friday, March 22

Grateful For #78: Shared Viewpoints

I am extremely grateful that Trevor and I see things very similarly. On Facebook the other day I posted a status about how crazy politics were and Trevor posted something in reply about how he loved me for my simply complicated crazy beautiful mind. I replied that he loved me because he saw everything the same way and would be hyprocritical otherwise. It was funny (at least to us) but I wasn't just being cute. Trevor and I really do have nearly identical viewpoints on just about everything. We were together for three years before our first fight ever (and it should be noted we had a newborn and very little sleep, hehe). We hadn't fought before then because we hadn't disagreed... Our disagreement then stemmed from housework, rather then something paradigm shifting (and WE finally had something to discuss during out couples communication classes).

Thank you God for giving Trevor and I such similar viewpoints, I know our relationship journey has been much much smoother for it.

What are you grateful for today?

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