Thursday, March 14

IMP Wildlife Explorer Trial Set Experience

I found out about this while looking through the SwagBucks special offers under the TrialPay tab to see if there were any deals for a company I was looking at ordering from. You order the starter set for $3.99 and get 555 Swagbucks back. 450 SwagBucks gets you a $5 Amazon gift card... so I figured, what the heck, why not? Trevor and I both did it on ourt SwagBuck accounts to get one for each child. So we spent $3.99 and got enough SwagBucks for $6.17 in Amazon gift cards. Fantastic.

If you don't have a SwagBucks account you can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

I made sure to read the fine print:
To cancel your account, contact our Customer Service Department by calling our toll free number at 1-800-566-4554. By cancelling your account you will not receive any future shipments unless one was en route to you before you cancelled. Please note you will be responsible for any outstanding balance on your account up to the date of cancellation. When you cancel your account, the customer service agent will provide you with a cancellation number. If you do not receive a cancellation number your account has not been cancelled. Writing cancel on your remit slip will not cancel your account.
I was on hold for 7 minutes and 11 seconds to cancel and my husband was on hold for 5 minutes and 36 seconds to cancel. About what we expected. You do have to push to cancel, again as expected. Also had to ask to get the cancellation number (tricky tricky). Even more tricky, it takes nearly two weeks for the cancellation to go through.I cancelled on 3/1/13 when I got my shipment, the woman I talked to said it wouldn't go through until 3/12/13. Technically I could probably argue against it, because the policy specifically says that you will only get a shipment and be charged if on is en route be you cancelled. I cancelled on the 1st of March, when none were. 

When we found out about that two week deal Trevor went ahead and cancelled his on the same day (3/1/13) even though he had not gotten his shipment yet. Trevor was told his cancellation was effective immediately and got a cancellation notice the very next morning in his email. I have not received a email confirming the cancellation. I called the following Monday (on hold 4 minutes 4 seconds) and was originally told that my cancellation was effective the day I cancelled and there would be no more shipments. I asked why I hadn't received an email and the representative went and checked my account. She came back saying my cancellation would not be effective until the end of the month (rather farther out then 3/12/13 and much farther then I had just been told). I asked about why this was different then my husband's account and was given the run around. I asked why I hadn't received a cancellation confirmation email and was told that they never sent out cancellation emails-

That's an interesting statement when I have proof to the contrary. The representative did eventually say, "rest assured you will not receive any more shipments." I finally got a cancellation email 3/8/13 that said "This correspondence is to let you knowthat we received your cancellation request on 03/07/13 regarding your Wildlife Explorer account."  Just about a week after the fact, but ok. I still have no idea why Trevor, who called after I did was cancelled immediately but mine was not. Still seems very fishy.

I ordered mine on February 18th, got the shipment on March 1st. Trevor Ordered his on February 21st, got the shipment on March 4th.

What you get:
3 12pks of cards (thin cardstock animal fact sheets).
1 very large binder
1 pk of deviders
1 small binocular
1 keychain flashlight
1 wiping cloth
1 compass
1 pack of batteries for flashlight
1 Case for previous 5 items 

Not bad value for $3.99, and especially not for getting for free plus a couple bucks. However, this is just paper, thickish paper, but paper. The normal price of $7.99 plus $3.99 shipping for 12 is just obscene. Someone on Amazon wrote up what they had figured out it would cost if you stuck out the subscription until you had the entire set and it was nearly $800. Crazy.

I'm going to keep the binders and cards we have, one set for each boy for homeschool. The binders do look very nice and will be a great way to store our animal fact sheets. We can create our own sheets on animals to add to as we go along- it will be a good project for school. The compass, binoculars, flashlight, case and etc we are going to wrap up in little packages to give them either the first morning of vacation or the morning we go to the zoo this year. Haven't decided which, probably whichever comes first.

Overall review of this deal- Would I do it again? Yes, but I would probably call and cancel the day after it ships. You can always decide to call and reinstate if you love the program and what you get. The overall fishiness of the difference between my account not being cancelled for so long after calling and Trevor's being cancelled immediately, when he called after I did, makes me very leery of the legitimacy and ethics of the company and program. 


  1. I have been trying to cancel mine for a couple months now, but they're always closed when I can call and their site doesn't recognize me as a customer. I've spent about $50 in the last couple months with three shipments... I finally got it cancelled, but the man I talked to tried to talk me into getting just one set of cards every 6 weeks instead of 2 every 3, to lower the costs. I just cancelled it outright. I'm kind of bummed I did this deal... To boot, I didn't do it through Swagbucks and just thought 3.99 was a pretty good price for the package, with every intention of cancelling asap. So about $50 I wasn't planning on spending... I should have known better, it never goes how I think it will! :) In fact, I've had a rough couple months with things like this and my account is down a couple hundred because of it! Ugh!! lol

    1. That really sucks =( I'm glad you finally got it canceled, sucks you got such a run around on times. I probably would have just called every hour for a day until I finally got someone, lol =p Hope things get better!


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