Wednesday, March 27

Ladder Yarn Necklaces

If you remember the post a few days ago about the scrapbook decorative star I saw at Ben Franklin when we were up in Monroe City visiting Trevor's parents. You might remember I went in looking for a type of yarn. It's called ladder yarn and it is GORGEOUS! Really, really beautiful. I wish I could show you just how beautiful. It is vibrant and sparkles and just lovely. Below are some necklaces I've made with it. (and if you didn't see the star I'm talking about you can by CLICKING HERE)

The pictures don't even start to do this yarn justice, you really have to see it for yourself. This beautiful yarn has shiny silver threaded through it- perfect for making lovely necklaces (in my opinion). 

These are what I've made so far, but there will probably be many more to come!

Made any jewelry lately?


  1. Love the necklaces did you post the directions on how to make them. Thank you, Linda

    1. Hi Linda. I didn't post directions but they are really easy. I just used the ladder yarn like a chain or string to string the beads and then fasten off. Nothing fancy at all. The yarn is so beautiful and intricate nothing more is needed =)


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