Saturday, March 2

Last Couple Weeks Deal Stacking

Been sick so haven't been keeping up on tracking this like I should. But here's some of the deals I've worked out recently. Total Coupon Value used in the deals below: $47.20

Online resources I used for these deals were:
MyPoints- You can sign up for MyPoints on your own, but I always appreciate referrals if you learned about them from me. Please email me at for a MyPoints referral.
SavingStar- you can sign up for this on your own, but I suggest you do so through SwagBucks, so you get the extra 22 SwagBucks incentive from them. It's under Discover Specials TrialPay, just look through until you see SavingStar.
SwagBucks- CLICK HERE to sign up for SwagBucks if you haven't already.

Grocery Shopping:

Trip one: Patricias- We had a $10 off $100 coupon for Patricia's out of The Passport Book (Mid Missouri's answer to The Entertainment Book). So I grabbed some coupons and went to see what we could do. Used coupons from magazines and printed off through SwagBucks (gets you another ~10 cents off in Swagbucks back). Ended up saving $22.90 off $109.72. Not too shabby. Didn't do as well as I was hoping because they don't carry many of the items I was planning to use coupons for, or were out. I did find out they double coupons up to a dollar (so a 65 cent coupon becomes one dollar, a 35 cent coupon becomes 70 cents). We have one more $10 off $100 for them, so that is something I will have to keep in mind when planning future shopping.

Ended up getting (breakdown of cost after all coupon values applied)-

4 packs of Hormel 12oz sausage 88 cents each. $3.52 total
2 Oscar Meyer 1lb Lunch Meat $2.48 each $4.97 total
2 8oz Cheese Slices $0.88 each $1.76 total
1 Angel Soft 12 double rolls Bath Tissue $5.13 total
4 C&H 16oz Brown Sugar $1.73 each $6.91 total
4 Gogurt boxes $2.52 each $10.09 total
2 Central Dairy 1/2 Gallon Orange Juices $1.59 each $3.19 total
5.72lbs of Ground Beef $1.59lb $9.11 total
3.56lbs Bananas $0.53lb $1.87 total
1 Chex Gluten Free Cereal $2.47 total
Go Diego Go Arm Floaties (for Trace this summer) $0.88 total
2 Avocados $0.61 each $1.23 total
4 Single Ocelo Scrubbers $0.79 each $3.17 total
3 Cucumbers $0.61 each $1.84 total
3 Diet Pepsi 2 Liter $0.39 each $1.17 total
20lbs Dog Food $10.67 total
16lb Cat Food $9.87 total
1 Dasani 24pk Water $4.44 total

$82.37 pretax total
Total Coupon Value Used: $22.90

Not amazing prices, but reasonable. Not too bad for doing it while sick as crud after Trace and my doctor appt on Thursday (we needed to shop though lol).

Second Trip: HyVee- I used 3 coupons printed off from SwagBucks (extra 10 cents per coupon redeemed back in SwagBucks), one coupon from a magazine and rebates (this works with your store scan cards for specials. So the HyVee Gas card, Upromise Cards or like the Gerbes discount card.) The Smart Ones were 5 for $10 on sale, plus two $3 off 10 coupons, plus $10 back through SavingStar when you spent $40. Very awesome deal.

Ended up getting (cost after all coupon values applied)
20 Smart Ones Frozen Meals $1.19 each $23.80 total
1 Fiber One Bars Box $1.40 total
1 Green Giant Veggie Chips $0.67 total

$25.87 pretax total
Total Coupon Value Used: $18.30

Oil Change:

We use Jiffy Lube for oil changes. I personally don't really care, but my husband has been adamant since we started dating that Jiffy Lube was a better experience. I have gotten him to deviate a few times for promotions or coupons... and have had to admit that things do tend to go smoother at Jiffy Lube, and the little extras are nice. So rather then gaze longingly at every OIL CHANGE $19.95!!! coupon that comes along I've turned my hand towards figuring out how to make Jiffy Lube's cost lighter.

They do regularly have some sort of coupon in the yellow ad sheets or you can print off a $5 coupon for them by CLICKING HERE, but the coupon I'm taking advantage of this time is from The Passport Book for $5 off. I'm combining it with a $25 gift card I bought through MyPoints and got 150 points back for (the value of about $1). So that ends up being about $6 off. Jiffy Lube normally costs around $30 for an oil change. Besides changing the oil they do a lot of extras- top off all the engine fluids, windshield wiper fluid, vacuum your floors, wash your windows, check tire pressure and fix if needed, etc... So the price probably isn't that bad. After stacking the deals it'll end up being about $24 for the oil change and Trevor is happy... So I can't complain too much =)

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