Wednesday, March 20

Me Dolls (for All About ME! unit)

We made these me dolls as the start of Trisitan's All About ME! unit at the start of the school year.

      *Take and print a picture with limps spread
      *Cut it out
      *Paste on one of 2 construction papers stacked together
      *Cut out a basic shape around the picture then tape the two construction papers
        together leaving a hole for stuffing (stapling doesn't work well, tried on Trace's)
      *Stuff with some sort of filler (cotton, newspaper, whatever) and finish taping up

If you cover the whole thing with tape (mostly before stuffing so it's smoother) it makes it pretty durable. These pictures were taken when the dolls were about 4 months old =)

The boys loved them and Tris kept his on his desk throughout the school year.

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