Thursday, March 21

Mod Podge Easter Basket Craft =)

We made our Easter Bunny Baskets over the last couple days =) We have a tradition where we leave smallish baskets out with some decorated eggs for the Easter Bunny the night before. The Easter Bunny takes the baskets and eggs (it is a topic of some debate in our home whether he eats the eggs or just collects them, and if he collects them... then how does he keep them all from spoiling year after year?). Anyways, the Easter Bunny takes the baskets and eggs and in return leaves a basket of goodies and some hidden eggs for the boys to find.

With Easter sneaking up so soon this year we needed to get on the ball and get our baskets for the Easter Bunny made. This year (with my current mod podge addiction in full swing) we made them out of balloons, magazines, newspaper (to keep the mess contained), mod podge, scissors and a paint brush.

Oh, and two very excited little boys =)

The first step for this is something any little kid can really get into. You need lots of ripped up pieces of magazine (or newspaper or whatever paper you are using). Doesn't really matter the size or anything, small enough you can easily glue them onto a rounded object (the balloon).

BTW- I was kinda hoping when the balloon was popped it would stay on the inside of the glued on areas as a solid colored film... but that's not the case, it slips right off the paper. So it doesn't matter what color balloons you use.

After you have some strips start mod podging them onto the balloon (more strips can always be torn, trust me, the kids won't mind a bit). Just guess where you think the basket rims should be, you can/will trim it later with scissors.

After there was a nice little layer we made the handles. We just tore out a full magazine page, painted one side with mod podge and then turned it over itself to create about a one to one and half inch strip. That then was mod podged at the ends to the rest of the will be basket.

Once the handle is in place continue mod podging the rest of the basket until you have what feels like a nice thickness (really doesn't need to be terribly thick, maybe two to three layers pre handle and two to three layers post handle.

This is where we stopped for the night. It was supper time by then and I wanted to give the baskets time to harden a little and dry before we did the next step. I did pop the balloons later that evening after the boys went to bed. I was a little worried that if I popped them the next day one or the other might get upset the balloons were gone.

The next afternoon at craft time we started by finishing finding the pictures of what we wanted our baskets to look like. Trace wanted yellow (his favorite color). Tristian wanted flowers. For Trevor and mine's I decided to take advantage of all the lovely pictures of Easter eggs in the March magazines. So we found the pictures we wanted to use and started to mod podge them on as the final layer of the baskets. With a layer of mod podge over the outside of them as well to help seal everything into place.

Once that step is done you are going to need to hang the baskets from something, or upside down over something to dry. We opted for the upside down route.

Tristian had one particular flower picture that he really really liked. It was on the cover of a magazine and was thicker paper, so was a little trickier to use, but still turned out lovely. He put it on the bottom of the basket and the petals curl around the basket, but don't completely adhere to it, so create a layered look. Turned out very lovely. I had to add a picture of it still upside down so you could see. He had a great idea!

We set them out and let them dry for a while. Because we let the majority of the layers dry over night this didn't take very long to dry. A couple hours at the most.

Trace checking to see if they were dry =) 

At this point you could then mod podge the inside also if you wanted, or if you are really smart you could pic a color to go one inside as the first layer you put facing in towards the balloon. We didn't though ;-)

Traces yellow came from pictures of fall leaves. Tristian's flowers came mostly from spring ads. I chose mostly Easter eggs that were or were set against some sort of blue to tie the look together. 

Very fun craft and very cute baskets as a result =)

Done any Easter crafts?


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