Sunday, March 10

Teaching Rhymes

Are there any you use a lot? I have two that come to mind immediately, and I'm sure I've used more with Tris I can't think of at the moment.

There is the classic:
I before E except after C or when sounded as A as in Neighing or Weigh.... 
Unless the word is WEIRD!

I added the last part about the word weird when I was in school and noticed that weird in fact does not fallow this rule. I've been told that in the English language more words don't then do follow that rule, but for most basic words it seems to work... so we use it.

The one that sparked this post is:
A is one, a couple is two, a few is three or four, 
five or six is some and several is 7 or more.

I asked Tristian to go get me 'some' of an item.
He looked up and said, "I'll get you five, because five is some."
His dad laughed and said, "Our child, who must put an exact to arbitrary things."
To which I said, "No, that's right, some is five or six- we have a rhyme for it!"
To which Trevor replied- very eloquently, "Huh."

Hehe, although in his defense we made up that rhyme to help Tristian learn what numbers to associate the words with. I've been trying to come up with something catchy for the almost, around and about. almost means not quiet there, around means more or less there, about means there or more. Almost and around most people seem to know, but many people use about interchangebly with around or almost. I had a math teach in Jr High that bothered to no end. She made sure to drill the fact that about was not almost or around, but had it's own meaning of there or above.

Are there any rhymes that you know and use or have made up and use to help teach and remember concepts?

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