Tuesday, March 26

The Writing on the Wall (journal activity)

We really struggle with writing. Tristian hates is. It is a daily ordeal to get him to practice letters or write a journal entry. We use to do both but now it's one or the other. He can either do a letter practice or write a journal entry. Normally he chooses journal. Sometimes he flat our refuses. Those end up being letter practice days (you can't force a child to come up with a journal entry).

So I've been trying to find ways to get him into writing.

We have Tristian's Page (CLICK HERE) where he gets to type up his journal entries and post them on our blog. That helps some, but once the honeymoon phase of that concept wore off Tris was only slightly more inclined towards writing. Although, comments and questions on his posts help a lot, so feel free to leave him a reply or two =)

Today I had the idea of writing the journal entry on the wall. With chalk of course (which wipes right off). Trace has a real bad problem with writing on the wall, in whatever medium he can get his hands on. We've dealt with this by making it ok to write on the wall with chalk, and chalk alone. I was trying to figure out how to get Tris into writing yesterday, and was watching Trace scribble on the wall. Ah-Ha (Ah-Ha moments aren't just for the kids lol).

So Tris did his journal on the wall rather then paper =) It was a novel experience and managed to get him to write the entry with minimal fuss. I've got some window markers I think we'll try out on the sliding door for tomorrows journal ;-)

You can see Tris' journal entries on his page-


  1. We're following a handwriting course led by occupational therapists for my 9 year old at the moment. The key seems to be not to make them do any writing. Lots of fun scribbling, painting, colouring in, writing to the beat of music etc. 3 weeks in and they haven't written one word yet - unless you count tracing letters on eachothers backs. This course is reported to have excellent results for reluctant/poor writers. I think you have the right idea. Just keep it fun.

    1. I'll have to check that out! Thanks for stopping by!


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