Wednesday, March 6

To Be a Kid in a Bubble Bath

How cool would it be to be so little that a regular size bath filled with water and some bubbles is like a hot tub for five?

Trevor and I talk about that sometimes, how awesome is it to be one of our kids.

For example, how cool would it be to be Trace? 

Your parents take care of everything and it doesn't even occur to you they won't. You don't really know fear (except those few seconds when you are falling off something you probably shouldn't have climbed up on before Mommy has you and is kissing it better). Your day is comprised of playing with your brother, singing fun songs, taking fun baths, nursing from mom, eating yummy food, watching fun shows, finger painting or some other craft of the day, napping when you're sleepy during the day, and being held, nursed or rocked to sleep by Mom or Dad at night. That's your day, with the occasionally deviation to do something else fun with cousins or library or park or whatever. 

You biggest dilemma is having to share with your brother. You greatest worry is that second after you hit someone before you know if Mom saw (she did). Your only experience with grief is when Dad leaves for work (but you know he's coming back, he always has and Mom's there to comfort you) or when Mom and Dad both go somewhere and you are left with Grandparents or other family (but they always come back, and you get to play with cool stuff or cousins until they do). Your worst enemy is the dreaded carseat. Your least fun outing is the one where you sit in a kid size car and pretend to drive while Mom or Dad pushes you around. Except, you have to do it for waaayyy longer then is fun (but usually you get a cookie, balloon, cheese and sticker out of the deal). 

How freaking awesome would it be to be that kid?

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