Monday, March 18

Doctor Office Update

Update- Trace actually seems to be over the infection (woohoo!) what I had assumed was still infection because of all the mucus and etc (just habit at this point lol) actually looks to be spring allergies. So the doctor doubled his allergy medicine from the toddler amount to the little boy amount (aka, half teaspoon to full teaspoon) and he should be sleeping fine again soon =) Yay!

Me, not so lucky. The last antibiotic the doctor put me on is used to treat pneumonia. It should have squashed this chest thing. It did make me feel much better for nearly a week before it crept back, so it did help. The oddest thing is that I'm wheezing with this (it's the main thing that made me connect the multiple infections since Christmas. I don't wheeze, my lungs lock down and coughing or gagging is it. 

 Unfortunately Trace was just done by that time and was screaming to get out of the little room so I am not sure exactly what our doctor decided to do medicine wise. I'll find out this evening when Trevor brings it home. It hadn't been called in yet when I got back to the store and I just wanted to get home. Totally hit and passed slap happy hours ago. Just exhausted now.


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    1. Starting to, thanks for asking. Doc put me on the antibiotic again and hopefully this time it's gonna be gone for good!


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