Monday, March 4

What's In A Name? (activity)

What's In A Name? Activity

A LOT! That's the answer, there's a lot in a name. Take for instance Tristian. There's train, rain, stint, tint, stair, tan, star, nit, rat, and so much more. There are even other names in his name- like Stan and Trista!


And if you thought that was all... well you'd be wrong. We also found tin, air, start, rant, sin, tar, tart, nat, is, in, I, art and ran. Then we found even more names in Tristian's name! Rita and Ian.

Now if you thought that was all.... well you'd still be wrong. Then we started looking for longer words we could make. We found raisin, artist, transit, saint, strait, satin, trait, and taint. Then we found another name- Tina!

Then you know what we realized? We realized that Tristian has an S in it, which means all those words that don't have s in them already can become new plural words. Like trains, arts, rats, traits, rants, nits, tins, tarts, rains and .... well you get the idea. We even noticed another name, Tristan spelled another way!

So now we know, when someone asks, "What's In A Name?"
We can say, "There is A LOT in Tristian's name!"


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