Tuesday, April 16

10,000 Steps A Day (goal)

You may or may not have heard the buzz the last few years about how a healthy adult should average 10,000 steps a day. I have no idea how many steps a day I take, but I decided to make that my goal now that my lungs are getting better. I use to be a runner. Health problems (mainly lungs that don't want to do their job) have made running still a bit out of my reach atm, but stepping is not =) While stepping does not give you quite the same feeling as jogging, it isn't a bad substitute by any means.

The first day I did free step on the Wii Fit for 30 minutes and took about 3k steps according to the Wii Fit. Not terrible, I assume with such a teeny step as the Wii Fit board is that it would still be pretty close to the same as a normal walking step effort wise. So that's about 3mph (generally every 2k steps is one mile) that's average walking speed. Not bad.

The next day I did it again and tried an experiment. I thought I'd noticed a few times the day before, before I switched to tv, that it wasn't counting my steps. So this time I stayed on the screen and counted my own steps manually. There were multiple times it skipped and I was careful to be making complete steps. At one point the count froze for quite some time. I even stopped, stepped off completely and then stepped up... still no count up. I continued stepping and the count started a minute or two later (and my ending time put in the wii fit bank was 26 minutes instead of 30, even though I was stepping the whole time). My manual counting came out more then 1000 steps above the Wii Fit's count.... so that was good to know ;-) My manual count put me just over 3500 steps (the wii fit's put me just under 2500). Although, to it's credit it did count 3200 steps the next day- maybe that middle day was just the Wii Board having an off day 0.o Still, maybe I should invest in a pedometer....

So if I do a half hour twice a day- while the boys are eating breakfast and during their tv show time (we try to limit how much tv the boys watch, they get much harder to handle the more tv the get) then that would put me at around 7k steps a day just in one hour. The last 3k should be easy to get throughout the day I'd think?

Do you know how many steps you take a day?

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