Wednesday, April 17

$5 Bug Exploration Kit

$5 Got Us

2 Dollar Store Butterfly nets
2 Dollar Store Bug Catcher Sets w/
   * Miniature Bug Net
   * Forceps with Container on End
   * Ladybug Tweezers
   * Butterfly Larger Magnifying Glass
   * Smaller Tweezers
   * Wearable Bug Container
   * Small Bug Jar
1 NoodleBug Backyard Bugs DVD
1 NoodleBug Backyard Bugs CD
1 Show-Me Bugs Guide Book

The last three were discards from our local library.

The NoodleBug Backyard DVD and CD set was 50¢ as discard at the library. Published by School Specialty Publishing. It's suppose to incorporate 7 essential brain building activities-Music, Movement, Humor, Story Time, Brain Care, Problem Solving and Second Language. Collection of stories, songs and activities that introduce curious preschoolers to the fascinating creatures that fly, buzz, and wriggle just outside their own back door. Seemed a perfect fit for our 5 and 2 year old boys.

Missouri is the Show-Me State... so the Show-Me Bugs book is a book about bugs in Missouri (where we live). It was also 50¢ as a library discard. This book was created with kids and being a teaching source in mind by the Missouri Department of Conservation. An uncommonly colorful guide to 50 cool bugs in Missouri. It has a really good set up (in my opinion) for the information. Each bug covers two pages. A brilliant picture of the bug on one side and information on the other. At the bottom of the information page are real inches measured out and the length of the bug is shaded in so the child can see just how big the bug really is.

I went to Dollar Tree hoping to get a couple of butterfly nets, magnifying glass and a mesh insect container that I remembered seeing last year. Unfortunately there weren't any mesh insect containers. So I checked down the toy aisle and there were some Backyard Travels Bug Catcher Playsets. The sets work well for what we need... maybe better then what I was going to get originally ;-) 

Pics of using or kit to come!

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