Friday, April 5

Christian Money Board Game (printable)

This game was designed for my boys, specifically for Tristian. It has two main purposes. To help learn about and be more comfortable with coins and to integrate the concept that if you do the right thing, good things will come to you (and vice versus that if you do the wrong thing, not so good things occur). To that end a lot of these examples are actually things that we have had to deal with (ie: screaming in church).

See below for what you need to play.

There are 8 sheets to print out. The four corners of the game board. The three different sets of cards. The directions. To make the flow of the game easier we printed the cards on construction paper that corresponds with the color you normally land on for that card type. So blue for Good Will Cards, yellow for Chore Cards, and pink(or red) for Allowance Cards. The game uses real coins. The monetary value used in the game is not real world. That wasn't terribly realistic to try and do while keeping it to coins. Each image below is linked to the same image in a much larger (aka printable) version. If you are in a Chrome browser you will probably need to right click and select open in a new tab to be able to print the image correctly. Do not right click and select view/open image in another tab. Select open link in another tab.

There is a list of direct links at the bottom of the post.

Game Board

Card Sets


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  1. I'm pinning this one to use later. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Imade it because I couldn't find anything similar... so figured it might save someone else having to do the same. Ty for stopping by :)


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