Monday, April 29

April Home Improvement Savings

In the month of April we saved $25 at Home Depot in coupons alone from the Passport Book =) We had three trips of getting things we needed that we bought $50 or more at and so used $5 off $50 coupons. We had one trip we spent $100 or more and used $10 off $100.

That was not our biggest savings at Home Depot though. We saved even more by finding self stick $1+ linoleum tiles for 25¢ each on clearance there when we were planning on going with an 89¢ self stick tile for the floors and 99¢ self stick tile for the counter tops in the kitchen and 75¢ self stick tile for the counter tops in the bathrooms. So, we saved 50¢-74¢ each tile, that's about 67%-75% (not including the $15 off from coupons) and got a thicker, nicer quality tile =)

Granted, we weren't planning on buying it yet (we were actually there to pick up some other stuff for finishing the master bed & bath) but we ended up spending $365.51 for paint primer, patch and skim coat, painting towels, gloss finish, wood to make some shelves with, paint rollers/brushes, tile for the kitchen, dinning room, utility room and entry way, tile to refinish the counter tops in the bathrooms and the kitchen, primer for the tiles, wall molding for the bedroom bathroom hallways and front room, 2 gallons of polyurethane ($40 a pop) finish coats, and other random tools needed (caulk, trowel, good cutting scissors for the tile, cleaners, soft brush for the polyurethane and etc). The tile alone could have cost the $365 or more. Pretty excited about the money we saved there from our budgeted amount =) Especially with the $250 deductable needed for insurance from the house being broken into -.-

That wasn't all we saved though =) We also used our Discover It card for 5% cash back on home improvement purchases (the special for the card this period). That's $18.28 cash back. I have that set up to stack with our Amazon gift cards we get from SwagBucks (I know I mention SwagBucks a lot, but that's because we use it A LOT. If you don't, you can sign up by CLICKING HERE). So that was an awesome bonus too =) Remember though, the bonuses gotten through credit cards are only bonuses if you pay them off in full each month- otherwise you are buying that bonus and then some =p

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