Saturday, April 20

Break In Pictures

Pictures of the damage done by whoever broke into our house. It almost had to be more then one person, because one of the items stolen was a big heavy treadmill.

Called the Police out

  The AC Unit they stole cost us 5k.

Banged up the door and handle pretty bad.

Tried to steal the radio my Aunt Paula and Uncle Eddie got us as a wedding present.

That's where our treadmill was.

That's where our shower head wall were.

Where the shower head is now. Think they were looking for copper.

Stole the lithium drill I got Trev last year.

Banged up walls some. Did more damage then they could have possibly made in cash. Luckily our most valuable things were already out of the house. You know, sentimental/personal wise. Not sure anything we have is worth more money wise then the $5000.00 air conditioning unit they stole.


  1. Calyn, I am sooooo sorry. Wish I could give you a big hug! Lord, please comfort Calyn and her family and give the thieves a Damascus Road experience!

  2. Oh, NO!! At least you guys weren't there, and were safe! Sorry they did so much damage, so senseless!! Take care, love you all! Aunt Kelly

    1. Thank you Aunt Kelly. People can really suck. We love you too!


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