Friday, April 19

Dollar Store Bug World

The other day I saw a very cool post about a 'small world' made with bugs from a Bug Toob the blog author had been given by the company that made them free of charge to review. I checked out the product and it was $12, yikes! The bugs did look awesome... but $12 just for the bugs isn't in my budget. The author used a clear tote, contact paper and other elements to create a habitat for the toy bugs. The whole idea was just awesome and you can see their's by CLICKING HERE.

I knew my boys would love this sort of hands on activity being added to our bug week, so I headed over to our trusty Dollar Tree to see what I could do, within our budget ;-) I got everything I needed to make our own bug world for less then $10.

$9 Bug World Supplies

$1 bag of rocks
$1 bag of assorted moss
$3 3 fake flower bunches with butterflies on them
$1 leaf vine
$1 packing tape
$2 2 bags of bugs 
$1 bag of brown vanilla potpourri
FREE Cardboard box from grocery store

I cut out 'windows' in the cardboard box and then wound packing tape around the whole thing. It created the same ability for the bugs to walk on the walls as the more expensive contact paper did in the original version. The Dollar store bugs are bigger and less realistic, but the concept is still the same and the boys still enjoyed playing with them in the bug world. Both boys were reluctant to touch them at first until they were reminded multiple times that they were not real bugs, so they were realistic enough for our purposes, lol. Tristian was able to look them up in his book and guess and discuss what bugs they were.

Ever created any mini worlds for your little ones to explore?


  1. coincidentally we bought some bugs at the dollar store yesterday. now we might as well create a habitat for them too! thanx for the idea!

    1. Have fun doing it! It's a lot easier then it seems like ti would be, and a ton of fun =)


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