Thursday, April 11

Get Alerts When the Price is Right!

This is an amazing shopping resource! If you have your eye on something from anywhere on the web you can enter the items URL and Shopping Notes will send you an email when it hits or goes below the price you want it for. How awesome is that!?

I start looking for gifts several month in advance, so this is perfect for us! I can see something I wish I could get for someone- decide what my realistic price point on it is, then set up a shopping note so that if it goes below that price it emails me. Fantastic!

There's a much bigger view of the picture showing examples below and more explanation. You can sign up for Shopping Notes by CLICKING HERE.

You can sign up by clicking either picture or CLICKING HERE.

The top of the picture shows the area on the Shopping Notes homepage where you enter the URL of an item after you sign in to your account. The bottom shows the My Shopping Notes page (link's in the top right of homepage) where you view and edit alerts.

How To

  • Enter an item URL and click the Get Alerts button (URL is the string you can find at the top of your browser, normally looks like may have http:// befor it). When you enter an item URL it automatically sets it to email you with any price change. You don't want that (if it's an Amazon item that means a lot of emails). 
  • So you just need to click on the link at the top right of the home Shopping Notes page that says My Shopping Notes
  • Then just click the edit link by the item and select for an alert to be sent when the price drops below (whatever price you choose). 
  • Save and you're done! You'll be emailed when/if the price drops below your price point!
How freaking awesome is that!? I LOVE it! 

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