Tuesday, April 16

Grateful For #102: Wonderful Friendly Restaurants

Trevor loves Mexican food. I'm throat swells shut allergic to corn... not a perfect match there. Today we used a deal we bought and went to La Siesta here in Columbia on N 9th Street.

The food was awesome. I just got the La Siesta Nachos (cheese, lettuce, avacado, chicken on top of corn chips) and just ate the toppings avoiding the corn chips (basically a chicken salad). Tris got a taco, rice and beans. Trace got chicken fingers and fries. Trevor got steak burritos.

As great as the food tasted... what truely stood out was the service.

The individuals there were extremely friendly. Really, really just outstandingly nice. I spilt a nearly full soda and they were very fast about cleaning it up, cheerfully refusing my help while they did. After we paid they even offered quarters for the gum ball machine for the boys (which we politely declined cause we don't feel the boys are quite old enough to safely chew gum yet). But I just can't stress how nice and friendly the people at La Siesta were.

I also liked the decor, the tables especially had really neat pictures on each.

Thank you God for friendly people. 

What are you grateful for today?

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