Friday, April 19

Grateful For #105: Being Gone When House Was Broken In To

We have lived at this same house since Tristian was 15 months old, never, ever had an issue with it being broken into or property damaged. Ever. Until last summer. Last summer also happened to be a time when we got 3 new neighbors.... -.-  A new room mate to our right, a new family to our left and a new single occupant behind us. Last summer we had pool table balls break a car wind shield. A rock hit my 2 year old on the head, hit by a tennis racket by a boy next door, whose father refused to believe his son did anything and became very hostile towards us himself- despite myself and the child's stepmother seeing it happen.

We also had someone break in, while Amanda was home and steal my wedding rings, where they were hidden above the sink and only could have been found by someone who saw me take them out (looking through the back window) the previous week, theoretically. Our they just got really lucky... and took nothing else we know of.

We called the cops when we got there today, called insurance. Grateful we weren't there. Really, really, really just want to be done with this house. I don't know who's the culprit, but this was a nice neighborhood before last summer. Had a couple families, mostly older individuals, was quiet and safe. People suck. People really suck.

Thank you God for us not being here when the house was broken into, and having our personal valuables out of the house. Please let insurance pay enough to repair what was destroyed and stolen.

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